2018 FilmExodus Summer Box Office Wager Results

Credit to King Alvarez


“Welcome to the first official FilmExodus Summer Movie Wager. The rules are simple, the competition is fierce, and the wagers are lighthearted. Besides, who wants to spend the summer outdoors in the sun when you could be sitting in an air-conditioned theater watching some of the latest blockbusters? Choose wisely, players.”

… Fierce competition, indeed. So fierce, I forgot about the wager for most of the summer (what a nail-biter)! Anyway, here were the rules:

  • Getting number 1 or number 10 dead-on gets you 13 points (each).
  • 10 points for numbers 2-9 dead-on
  • 7 points if your pick was only one spot away from where it ended up
  • 5 points if it was two spots away
  • 3 points if your pick is anywhere in the Top 10
  • 1 point for each dark horse pick that makes it into the Top 10

Here are the Top 10 in the *DOMESTIC* box office, the Tuesday after Labor Day (9/4/18):

  1. Incredibles 2
  2. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom
  3. Deadpool 2
  4. Ant-Man and the Wasp
  5. Solo: A Star Wars Story
  6. Mission: Impossible – Fallout
  7. Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation
  8. Ocean’s 8
  9. The Meg
  10. Crazy Rich Asians

Here are the rankings of every other film that was chosen by participants:

11. Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again
12. The Equalizer 2
13. Christopher Robin
14. The First Purge
15. Book Club
16. Skyscraper
17. Tag
18. Life of the Party
20. Sicario: Day of the Stupid Title
29. Teen Titans GO! To The Movies
30. Slender Man
38. The Darkest Minds
39. Upgrade
47. Hotel Artemis
51. Action Point
54. Kin

Now, what you’re really here for… THE RESULTS!

1. J-Mart (68)
2. joethehobo (67)
3. Tarek (65)
3. BB Ben (65)
5. Karlston (62)
6. dnwilliams (59)
7. Larry Version 3 (58)
8. Sailor (57)
9. NoDuh! (55)
10. Mister S (53)
10. Kemosabe (53)
12. Iron Peace (49)
13. King Alvarez (48)
14. Jack Slater IV (45)
15.Vincent Kane (41)
15. Great Dude (41)
17. W.L Harris (37)
17. Joe Newman (37)

Let’s hear it for the one and only “Legendary Movie Critic,” J-MART (JOSHUA MARTYNIOUK)!

Dammit, Tarek, I nearly had the bronze! But I’ll forfeit the trophy in exchange for a sweet-ass tomahawk. Besides, I probably already have the prize. The top three contestants win Ultraviolet codes to what are likely old, forgotten, unwatchable blockbusters! Enjoy!


And with that we say goodbye to the first official FilmExodus Summer Movie Wager. What did you think of this movie season? Or the wager? Did you participate? Was it rigged? Mutiny? Should we have written “domestic only” in bigger, bolder lettering? Ah, who am I kidding, you’re not even reading this. See ya next summer, hosers!

Special thanks to Duke for doing all the legwork! See you next year!