‘A Quiet Place’ To Silence Home Theater Shelves This Summer

A wasted opportunity not have a silent cut tbh.

John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place turned out to be one of the biggest horror smashes in recent memory, standing toe to toe with juggernauts like Split and Get Out in both critical and money making chops. Telling the tale of a family trying to survive in a world without noise after an alien invasion wrecks most of civilization, the film showed that after some hard trying on Krasinski’s part (this was his third film to direct after some mediocre tries previously), he could make something pretty damn good. The film was also a beacon of hope for studio Paramount after dealing with what seemed like an endless string of flops last year (of which included films like Monster Trucks, Transformers The Last Knight and mother!). And just like that, Paramount is quickly scrambling to put together an upcoming home video release on July 10th on conventional Blu-Ray and 4K releases, with a steelbook coming from Best Buy for the standard release.

First up, the cover art, continuing Paramount’s always wonderful attempts at photoshop:

Audio mix for both versions will be Dolby Atmos (or 7.1 TrueHD compatible for those without Atmos equipment). Given that the film has such a high emphasis on the use of sound, this seems like the perfect kind of audio technology to use for this film, especially given that it’s a horror flick. The 4K version will also come with a Dolby Vision color grade, which given that the film was shot in 35mm and finished natively with a 4K DI, should look immaculate.

Extras look thin but should do the job, which seems to be the sort of thing studios keep doing these days sadly:

  • Creating the Quiet – Behind the Scenes of A Quiet Place
  • The Sound of Darkness – Editing Sound for A Quiet Place
  • A Reason for Silence – The Visual Effects of A Quiet Place

I had plans to see A Quiet Place but never acted on them, figuring it’d be better to wait for the crowds to die out and see it without distraction. Still, I’m more than willing to check it out come July. The horror genre has been undergoing a major resurgence as of late and we need to keep this train a chugging.