‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Season 5×17 Review: “The Honeymoon”

Disclaimer: Spoilers for the episode below. Previous episode review here.

This week’s episode “The Honeymoon” was relatively boring, save for a couple neat fights and one massive twist. Let’s dive into some of the smaller details before talking about the twist ending and what it means for the remainder of the season.

So, as per S.H.I.E.L.D. norm, they never bother to keep the main cast together for long, because I guess the writers hate us? So despite the fact that two group of characters reunited, we still have Fitz, Simmons, and Yo-Yo off on some side-mission. To be honest, I am sort of getting lost with this gravitonium plot and the idea that we are fusing the substance to a human being. I sort of the hope the series pulls a 180 and has the gravitonium take the shape of Ian Quinn or Franklin Hall instead of bonding it to Daisy or Ruby.

Speaking of Ruby, man is she definitely not worthy to be the “Destroyer of Worlds.” We finally got the Quake vs. Ruby fight we have been waiting for, and all it showed us was that Ruby is no match against an inhuman. She may have the training and the fancy circular boomerang disc cutters, but two blasts from Quake and she was down for the count. Thank goodness Mommy Hale was there as backup or else Ruby would have been a goner. There is the possibility that by combining Ruby to the gravitonium it will make her a more serious match for Quake, but I still have my doubts. All I can say is that tricking her mom was probably the highlight of her little arc in this episode. Hale and Ruby being each other’s weakness was a nice touch, although I was sure Ruby was just going to kill Hale instead of locking her in the bedroom.

Anton Ivanov returned in “The Honeymoon,” although he was a bit lackluster as well. Yo-Yo easily took him out despite her new robot arms haven gone on the fritz just minutes earlier. It is hard to feel the threat of the renewed HYDRA when all their henchmen are either robots that are easy take outs, a trained assassin that can be taken out with ease by an inhuman, or an LMD that is taken down by an inhuman with faulty mechanical arms. Seriously, Creel was their only good villain and he has now become more of an anti-hero if anything. Sure, Werner and Ruby got the upperhand on Fitz and Simmons in the end, and I am sure they will have to rebuild the fusing chamber for the two, but Yo-Yo is still around and with those three being the Invincibles, I am sure the trio will escape unharmed from Ruby and Werner’s grasp.

Alright, on to the twist. Coulson and Talbot were rescued from the snowy tundra by May, Daisy, and Deke at the beginning of the episode (I do not really care enough about Deke’s injury to dive into it, so I will just say that doped up Deke talking about wanting to put his mouth on Daisy’s mouth gave me a chuckle). However, Talbot is still not the man or soldier he once was as his mind is still jumbled. It is a good arc for the character to take and finally gives him some depth and heart as before he was basically just “Army man who gets in S.H.I.E.L.D.’s way occasionally.” The end of the episode proved most interesting for Talbot and gave him another bit of development. After finally being able to phone home to his family, we find out that his wife is a hostage to a HYDRA soldier who makes her read, “Take a deep breath. Calm your mind. You know what is best. What is best is you comply. Compliance will be rewarded.” Hale not only broke Talbot, but she brainwashed him using the Faustus method, last seen used back in season 2 of the show. Talbot had been an unknowing sleeper agent for HYDRA this whole time and he has now been activated. There is mole within S.H.I.E.L.D. and it looks like things will finally be heating up.

Final Verdict: “The Honeymoon” got its title from Simmons’ suggestion that she would love to return to her homeland of England for her and Fitz’s honeymoon; beyond that, the title holds no meaning. Hale is locked up, for how long I don’t know, and Ruby and Werner are on their own attempting to fuse Ruby with gravitonium. Coulson and company are back at base unaware Talbot is a sleeper, and, oh yea, May actually told Coulson she loved her. I guess that closes the book on the last couple seasons of their flirtations. Five episodes remain in season 5 and I cannot wait to see what twists and turns the writers have left.

Grade: 8.8