‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ Season 5×6 Review: “Fun & Games”

Disclaimer: Spoilers for the episode below. Previous episode review here.

After Fitz was absent for the first three or so episodes it was nice to see him once again lead an episode. Now unfrozen in the future and working alongside Enoch, Fitz is ready to save his friends and bring them home.

“Fun & Games” managed to live up to its title as this was easily one of the more entertaining episodes of the current season. Whoever decided that Fitz’s alias should be a wealthy and violent space marauder deserves a raise. It was a joy to see Fitz pull off that persona of a cocky, son-of-a-bitch. In fact, it managed to land him in the good books of Kasius. Kasius and Fitz easily hit it off as if they were long lost BFFs. We also learned quite a bit more about Kasius’s past. Apparently he was exiled to the Lighthouse by his father and has an older brother (who we later meet) that runs the rest of their father’s empire.

I’ll take a slight detour to speak about the B-plot of the episode which wasn’t as exciting (at least at the beginning). Coulson, Mack, and Yo-Yo are worried because they fear May has been captured. Tess informs them that the Kree are rounding up more teenagers to go through terrigenesis. Normally, this process happens when you turn 18 on the Lighthouse, but due to Kasius hosting an inhuman auction (thanks to having in possession Quake, Destroyer of Worlds), the Kree are rounding up more teenagers. This includes Flint, that random boy we met a couple episodes back. As the terrigenesis process happens, Yo-Yo leaves saying she can’t watch it. Flint gets covered in that rock goo after being hit by the mist, but when it hardens and breaks open there’s no one inside. I thought we might have had another Tripp death on our hands (R.I.P. Tripp). However, Yo-Yo instead went in and saved Flint.

Mack, Coulson, and Tess find Yo-Yo and Flint and together they explain to Flint that they aren’t from the future. This conversation also includes the brief exchange of Flint asking if Mack was an inhuman as well and Yo-Yo responding, “No, he’s just cool.” Mack’s smug expression to this reply was priceless! Another moment I enjoyed was when Yo-Yo explained to Flint what it was like for her to realize she was inhuman, thinking someone had put cocaine in her beer. This allowed Mack to win the night again with his “Whoa, dial it back Escobar” response.

Unfortunately, Grill was listening and knows they’re from the future. It looks like our Agents are in trouble. Oh wait, nevermind. Flint is able to unlock his inhuman powers (which I guess is moving rock matter?) and after a few pebbles flicked at Grill, he ends up crushing a huge boulder into him. Grill dead. And with that began what I dubbed “the unexpected death list.” S.H.I.E.L.D. seriously went a bit crazy with the killing this episode.

Jumping back to the other plotline we were treated to some badass fights. May vs. Ben (the mind-reader) and Daisy vs. Lady Blue Balls (who I guess is called Sinara). Both fights were well done, and had some really great dialogue. I specifically liked the “You’re cheating”/”and You’re dying” line between May and Ben. These scenes also allowed Fitz a chance to save May from death, spouting that he came to see the Destroyer of Worlds not some “ancient has-been.” May’s “really?!” look was great.

This episode should have been called “Fun & Death” because death played a large part in the final moments of the episode. Ben died earlier because of his betrayal to Kasius, followed by Grill by Flint. Then in the last few minutes, Fitz executes some crazy plan he must have planned secretly with Jemma and Daisy. Fitz ices that rich blonde guy, Jemma slits Kasius’s neck, and the three escape. Add in that Tess was hanged for not revealing where Flint went, and that makes for a total of five deaths for one episode. It was crazy! I wasn’t expecting them to kill Kasius (or Grill and Tess) off that quickly.

The end of the episode definitely felt like the series was shifting towards an earthbound setting. Major deaths, May on Earth, the gang reunited, everything slowly coming together for an escape to Earth. And, of course, the biggest plot development to come out of the episode is Fitz and Jemma getting engaged. Damn was that a fun moment, especially since Jemma didn’t know Fitz had already tried proposing to her earlier in the episode.

Final Verdict: It’s nice to finally have the team all together again. The tease for next week’s episode looks like Kasius’s older brother will be taking over as “big bad.” My only issue is that they left Sinara alive to fight another day (seems stupid since she’s been the one killing people not Kasius, yet they killed him!). The FitzSimmons engagement was really great for us fans who have been watching these two go to space and back for each other. The next couple episodes will definitely be must-see-TV events as we watch the agents try to get off the Lighthouse and down to Earth.

Grade: 9.5/10