‘Apocalypse Rising’ Trailer – Mythical Warriors, Spaceships & Zombies. What?

From the one comment on YouTube: i just… dont have words



From what I can tell, we have some Norse Gods, Roman attired people and zombies, modern day settings as well, some faux-dolly-shot-slow-mo-300 action scene and space travel. Yep, I’ll be watching this. So much B movie fun.

Here’s the logline from IMDB: They came from a doomed world to save us from the same fate.

If that doesn’t say it all, here’s the synopsis that came with the press release:

Fantasy-horror throwback Apocalypse Rising, starring rising movie muscle Shane Samples, is now available on VOD and DVD.

Mia is an extrasensory teenage girl living on the planet Rathe, a world besieged by the undead. After a violent last stand, Mia and her warrior friends escape their world in a spacecraft.

Shane Samples headlines a cast including Hunter Park (Anamoly) and Johanna Rae (Psychos) in a Richard Lowry film Apocalypse Rising, now on VOD and DVD from Gravitas Ventures and Giant Meteor Films.

Sailor and Ben, if you guys want to make this  Double Impact! let me know, I can make it happen.