‘Apostle’ Trailer: Dan Stevens Vs a Creepy Cult

Gareth Evans, the writer and director of the Raid franchise teamed up with Dan Stevens (The Guest) and Michael Sheen (Underworld franchise) to make, what looks like one of the most interesting horror films of the year.

Evans is no stranger to cult horror, having previously directed the segment ‘Safe Haven‘ in VHS 2, which was far and away the best segment of the film. If Apostle hits that same level of batshit insanity, Netflix viewers are in for one hell of a crazy ride.

Official plot synopsis:

Thomas (Stevens), a man on a mission to rescue his sister, goes to a cult compound on an island in 1905 and has to contend with the charismatic and ominous group leader, played by Michael Sheen. 

Apostle starts streaming on October 12.