‘Atomic Blonde’ Sequel In Development, Charlize Theron Confirms

Will Lorraine Broughton be in the 90’s?

Atomic Blonde was a nice sleeper hit during the summer. Scoring solid reviews for its style and action while also gaining respectable box office (35 mill budget but made over 90 mill worldwide), you would assume sequel talks would come right out of the gate, especially these days, but it never came. Until now.

Speaking with Indiewire while promoting her new film Tully, Theron says this and what kind of headspace she was in while making the original (also her work in Mad Max Fury Road):

Early dance training boosted Theron’s athletic prowess. Her mother put her in a ballet class at four; she was a natural performer. “What dance gave me was a safe place to explore,” she said. “It was innocent, and later it was a place to escape my home life and the trauma of being a teenager. I could use my body to work through things, it gave me a great understanding of the space I take up, and the power I had in that space, and how much you can say with a hand movement or how you move your head.”

She used that strength on “Fury Road,” and even more so on martial-arts actioner “Atomic Blonde.” “I have the muscle memory, but I hadn’t done anything like that for many years,” she said. “The strength level was starting from scratch. I do have the discipline, dance teaches you that. I don’t like people telling me there’s something that I can’t do. I thrive in that environment.”

After a tough day of taking hits she went home and when her two kids (now age two and six) jumped on her and jabbed their knees in her ribs, she fought back tears. Her mother asked her, “Is it really worth it?”

Yes, she told the movie theater: “We’re working on a sequel.

And there you have it! It’s not much to report on unfortunately, but to hear that a sequel is in development is wonderful news. I found Atomic Blonde to be a genuine blast of an action flick. Though it did have a narrative that could have benefited from a leaner story, the action and presentation made up for it while Theron pretty much cemented her place in cinema as an action heroine. Plus she was sssssssssssssssssssmokin’ in it!