‘Battle Angel Alita’ And ‘The Predator’ Get New Release Dates, ‘Death On The Nile’ Has an Official Date

Shifts in release dates ahoy.

It’s not uncommon for films to not come out on the dates they were originally assigned. Sometimes it’s to avoid competition, sometimes it’s give more time in post to polish up and other times it’s because the studio is trying to save a bomb they’ve unknowingly greenlit. Coming from a report by ComingSoon.net, Fox has decided to shift the release dates of the their two big summer movies, Alita: Battle Angel and The Predator, to the different dates they originally got.

Alita had a date pinned down for the 20th of July but now has been moved to the 21st of December, where it will face competition with such films like Aquaman and the Transformers spinoff Bumblebee. Based off of a manga titled slightly differently (Battle Angel Alita, so it’s just a case of swapping the placement around), the film follows a cyborg girl who has no memories but is brought back to life by a kindly doctor and sets out on a quest to find out who she is. The film was originally suppose to be a project by James Cameron but he instead regulated himself to script and producing duties while Sin City and Machete director Robert Rodriguez helmed the ship (who also co-wrote the script with Cameron and Shutter Island writer Laeta Kalogridis). Given the amount of extensive CG work that’s involved with the film, it would not surprise me if the movie is being pushed back for that. Plus I think Fox wants to avoid another Jupiter Ascending/Valerian type situation, so maybe they’re trying to push it as a potential Avatar during the Christmas season, especially when there’s no new Star Wars film coming out around that time.

Meanwhile, Shane Black’s all star Predator reboot has had its date moved around a bunch of times from early March 2018 to February then to August 3rd. Now it’s moved again but thankfully we now have a solid date with the 14th of September. It’s been recently confirmed that reshoots are going on for the film but only for two weeks while Black has confirmed that the film will not only be a sequel to the first two films but before the 2010 film Predators but will also be in R rated tradition like the previous installments.

Finally Kenneth Branagh’s sequel to Murder On The Orient Express, Death On The Nile, has a date pinned down for November 8th, 2019. It’s been confirmed that Branagh will be back in front and behind the camera like last time while screenwriter Michael Green (Logan, Blade Runner 2049) will also be back to write the script like last time. Nile has its greatest detective Hercule Poirot on vacation in Egypt before getting caught up in yet another mystery involving a murder and a love triangle.

  • ResonanceCascade

    Yeah, her eyes are no different/larger than the other characters’.

    I almost guarantee that this decision originated with James Cameron. Call it a hunch.

  • William Dhalgren

    So, I googled it just to get a frame of reference. It’s anime and it looks like she has the typical large anime eyes. Is that a fair description? Did they really take that literally? That’s weird, if it’s the case.

  • ResonanceCascade

    I don’t understand how they thought that design was a good idea. It’s not even from the comic! There was no reason to go with it.

  • William Dhalgren

    I honestly don’t have high hopes for The Predator. I know Shane Black is a capable director, and I know he was in the original, but I just can’t get too excited for these old properties anymore.

  • William Dhalgren

    I don’t know anything about the source material for Alita, but the design for the character doesn’t make me want to see the film.

  • I trust Wan… I don’t trust WB.

    … Is Cena in Bumblebee? Did they just cover him in yellow armor?

  • December is just packed with new releases now. It’s ridiculous.

  • In Wan We Trust
    In Cena We Trust
    In None We Trust

  • Oh I missed that bit about the release date.

  • Sailor Monsoon

    I gotta bust balls

  • ResonanceCascade

    Yeah. I know there were rumors about bad test screenings being behind the re-shoots, but it wasn’t clear if Black was against the re-shoots or for them.

    They moved the movie into a friendlier release week instead of a worse one (it’s not getting January dumped) so that might suggest they have some confidence in the material, though.

  • I have confidence that a pro like Shane Black will get The Predator all worked out

    My concern is Fox is demanding big changes.

  • Alita… has been moved to the 21st of December, where it will face competition with such films like Aquaman and the Transformers spinoff Bumblebee

    It’ll be a Christmas miracle if any of these are good.

  • Death on the Nile lets go!!! Woo!!

  • ResonanceCascade

    I have a feeling that either Bumblebee or Aqua Man is going to flinch
    and get bumped a few weeks in one direction. It’s a terrible idea for
    two action franchises in decline to go against each other. Totally

  • ResonanceCascade

    I have confidence that a pro like Shane Black will get The Predator all worked out, but it’s a bummer that production has been so rough.

    Battle Angel: Alita looks very true to the comic — and it’s a great comic — but the design of Alita herself is a disaster. I suspect they might be retooling it a bit after the initial trailer. Or maybe they’re just trying to get it out of the blood bath summer after seeing what happened with Jumanji ruling January. Tough to say.

  • TheDeadFellow

    Whoops. Thanks for the correction.

  • Sailor Monsoon

    I’m assuming you mean January 2019 and i agree

  • King Alvarez

    I find Alita creepier looking than the Tragedy Girls.

  • TheDeadFellow

    Janurary 2017 will have some heavy hitters in it as well, between the typical Oscar hopefuls + the one two punch of Shyamalan’s Glass and the new film by James Gray Ad Astra, which will be a Sci-Fi epic with Brad Pitt.

  • Sailor Monsoon

    There’s no where to spread it.
    It’ll get to the point where every week will have a huge ass blockbuster

  • TheDeadFellow

    Yeah, I noticed. Perhaps it would be smart to spread some of this shit out.

  • Mr F

    Holy shit December is crowded.