BB’s Black Friday Bazaar!

Thanksgiving is a time where we gather and appreciate what we have, but it’s also a time to covet everything we don’t– namely junk we don’t need!

So in the spirit of rampant materialism, I thought it’d be fun to make a dedicated post for deals and purchases, now through Cyber Monday.

Sure, anyone can bookmark an aggregated sale site, but where else can we judge our fellow Exiles for buying movies that aren’t Robocop?

Even if you can’t afford to fill the hole in your life with garbage, you can still jump into my dumpster article and rummage around in our verbal filth.


Some of my bookmarks:

Amazon Black Friday Deals Week (Amazon links might not work without Prime)

Amazon Movie & TV deals





Recommended by MisterSplendiferous:

Fright-Rags (they have my favorite horror T-shirts)

Things From Another World (comics) – Progressive Sale


More shirt sites (sales may vary):

The Electric Zombie

8-Bit Zombie

Cavity Colors

Creepy Company

Pizza Party Printing

Studiohouse Designs

Middle of Beyond

London 1888

Gutter Garbs

Mutant Morsels


By the way, we’re not getting a cut of the profits by posting links… or at least I’m not. I don’t understand the interwebs. I’m just a shill.

So consider this a mini open thread. Are you buying anything? Are you going out on Black Friday? Or– God forbid— do you have to work?

With this article, one might encourage users to keep comments on topic, but I won’t! Just please feel free to post whatever sales interest you.

Now let us pray… for our wallets.