‘Blade Runner 2049’ Shorts- I would definitely watch a Blade Runner Anime!

Warner Bros have been killing it with the marketing for Blade Runner 2049!

To hype up the upcoming release of the highly anticipated Blade Runner 2049!

Warner Bros has released some prequel shorts!

Let’s watch!

Short #1!

Blade Runner 2049 Anime!

”Black Out 2022″

Denis Villeneuve the director of this movie has teamed up with an anime artist to bring you the reason why Japan should turn this series into an anime! Beautiful animation, fantastic story, fantastic music,great voice acting and visual effects. This is why Blade Runner needs to be an anime! Hey Japan make it an anime! Also it’s from the directer of Cowboy Bebop! It’s a must watch for Blade Runner and Anime fans.

Short #2!

“2048: Nowhere To Run!”

This a short prequel to Blade Runner 2049.

It features a replicant called Sapper Morton played by Dave Bautista.

He is running away and hiding something big.

Hope he has a big role in this film.

Dave Bautista is so underated and hopefully this film gets him more roles in upcoming movies.

Short #3!

“2036:Nexus Dawn”

Denis Villenenuve loved the original Blade Runner film and was so excited to continue the story 30 years later in Blade Runner 2049.

This short focuses on Niander Wallace played by Jared Leto.

This film has more Jared Leto than when he was in Suicide Squad. He never had a chance to play Joker!

He is building new replicants and Ford and Gosling have to stop him!

Here some cool BTS footage of this movie!

Also a recap video to entice new fans.

Also one about the world.

Yeah after seeing how awesome Blade Runner was I can’t wait to see this!

Blade Runner 2049 runs into theaters on October 8th.

What do you think of these shorts?

Which one is your favorite?

Are you going to see this movie and have you seen the first film?

Im Josh!

And I will see you tomorrow!

Goodbye and Goodnight!