‘Bright’ sequel announced, Will Smith and David Ayer expected to return

But no Max Landis.

Netflix’s Bright, a cop drama/fantasy thriller hybrid, has been one of the oddball hits this holiday season. Thoroughly panned by critics (with some voices like David Ehrlich of IndieWire calling it “The Worst Movie of 2017”) but reasonable enjoyed by the public, the film found success with strong viewership (around 11 million viewers on its first three days, according to the Nielsen Ratings). Now Netflix is interesting in pursuing a sequel based on these numbers.

The Hollywood Reporter sates that a majority of the players from the project will return, such as stars Will Smith and Joel Edgerton while director David Ayer will be back int he chair again helming the ship. Producers Eric Newman and Bryan Unkeless. However, writer Max Landis is will not return to write the script. As to why, who knows. Landis claims he hated what Netflix did to his original script (which apprently went through a minor rewrite by Ayer) but due to him being yet another celebrity with power being accused of sexual misconduct, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was more of the latter than him being mad at Netflix to not be part of the sequel. Instead, Ayer will be taking up these duties as well.

I was not a fan of the movie myself. Despite some slick effects and an earnest performance by the always reliable Joel Edgerton, the film is stuck has a shambling, underdeveloped screenplay laced with bad dialogue and poor world building. Here’s hoping the sequel does better that the original mess.

  • DropYourLinen

    Are the critics shitting on Bright the same ones cumming buckets over The Last Jedi and peddling conspiracy theories about its low rating with the general public? Tells you all you need to know.

  • me2olive

    Well, a 29 critic score vs a 7.3 user score on metacritic indicates a massive divide on this between viewers and professional critics, the largest I think I’ve ever seen. ‘Quality’ is sometimes subjective.

  • Nokoo

    Changes not a thing. Dude is still prone to being wrong.

  • He is a fan of Master & Commander tho

  • Peacesqu4d

    I will watch this weekend. My brother praised this movie

  • Nokoo

    All that tells me is that he is wrong about movies..

  • I have a friend who will watch anything (and I mean ANYTHING). This man has watched some garbage and loves them. So when he tells me he couldn’t get through Bright that says something.

  • Nokoo

    Settle down, Josh. It really wasn’t that bad.

  • TheDeadFellow

    We all do.

  • TheGreenMalice

    I wish quality factored into some decisions.

  • TRUTH.

  • Let’s hope the sequel improves a lot.

    Between this and Suicide Squad, Ayer is good at introducing characters that I would much rather see handled by another creative team.

  • Welp, our new episode is already outdated.

  • Kemosabe 🦇

    Monsoon Cat is great. I love our inside jokes.

  • Sailor Monsoon

    She says “death to the proletariat.”

  • Kemosabe 🦇

    Say hi to Monsoon Cat for me.

  • Kemosabe 🦇

    Landis isn’t a part of this one.

  • Kemosabe 🦇

    I walked away from this movie actually interested in seeing more of that universe so I’m okay with this.

  • How have I never heard “Max Blandis” until now?!

    Bright apparently did well viewerwise sources say. Let’s hope the sequel improves a lot. But id rather Netflix spent there money on more Big Mouth episodes (it’s one of their best original programs)

  • New J-Mart

    Netflix didn’t do the Bright thing in green lighting this sequel. I mean yeah fans loved it and it did get a lot of viewers and had pretty good music. But why Netlflix why?! Oh yeah Max Blandis will complain if it didn’t happen that’s why. Will Smith deserves much better than this.
    Netflix thinks they are Bright but they are really just having a Big Mouth.
    I’m just confused why Netlix would greenlight a sequel that barely any asked for and barely anyone wanted. Bright was so painful to sit through and with Ayer back for more it’s going to be even worse.

  • Sailor Monsoon
  • ResonanceCascade

    Money for nothin’, bitch for free.

  • Sailor Monsoon

    I’d do the same goddamn thing though.
    I bitch for free.
    The 3.5million would just be a bonus.

  • ResonanceCascade

    Max Landis getting $3.5 million for the script and then throwing a shitfit over them changing it a bit tells you a lot about the guy.

    Then again, so does the fact that pretty much everyone in Hollywood has a Max Landis story, and most of them aren’t good.