‘BrightBurn’ Trailer

In the film Unbreakable, M. Night Shyamalan asked the question, “what if Superman was on earth but had no idea he was superman?” In the new film BrightBurn, producer James Gunn asks the question, “what if Superman was on earth but was evil?”

Directed by David Yarovesky, BrightBurn was originally scheduled to debut it’s trailer all the way back in July at SDCC but due to Gunn’s Twitter scandal, that never happened. Delayed until the controversy blew over, Sony has finally dropped the first trailer.

BrightBurn Trailer:


BrightBurn stars Elizabeth Banks (the Hunger Games), Meredith Hanger (Hits), David Denman (13 Hours), Matt Jones (Breaking Bad), Gregory Alan Williams (Remember the Titans) and Jennifer Holland (Sun Records)


BrightBurn hits theaters May 24, 2019.