Butch Hartman, Creator of ‘Fairly Odd Parents’ & ‘Danny Phantom,’ is Starting a Streaming Network

Earlier this year Butch Hartman revealed that he had left Nickelodeon after twenty years. Since then he has been growing his own YouTube channel which currently has 750k subscribers. Now, Hartman has revealed what he plans to do next with his career.

OAXIS Entertainment (which I’ll admit has a pretty nice ring to it) is currently in its Kickstarter phase hoping to raise $250,000 dollars. Here’s some info on the platform:

Do you wish your family had more time together? Let’s face it, with all the activities that we and our kids are involved in these days it’s getting harder and harder to get everyone to spend quality time together. And if you ARE fortunate enough to get everyone on the same couch, finding something to watch as a family (without having to hide everyone’s eyes from certain subjects) can be even more difficult, right?

Well, Hollywood industry veteran Butch Hartman has a solution for you. It’s called OAXIS ENTERTAINMENT: a 24/7 streaming entertainment platform with a mission to re-connect families and bring them back together. This vision was carefully created with YOUR family in mind. We’ll have something for everyone: Sitcoms! Drama Series! Animation! Home & Garden shows! Reality shows! Fitness! Feature Films! Documentaries! Plus a “User Upload” Feature that will allow YOU to upload your very own family-friendly videos!

OAXIS ENTERTAINMENT wants to become YOUR choice for family-focused programming. We know it’s not an easy task. That’s why we’re asking YOU to help us get there! Our goal is to raise $250,000 for our first phase of start-up costs. These include: developing our streaming video platform, hiring creative staff and producers to create original content and to acquire completed projects that fit our family-focused entertainment model. Now is your chance to be part of something special. We’ve created tiers of rewards that we think you’re going to love so please support us financially and share this campaign with everyone you know!

There are a ton of great rewards for contributors. Personally, what I’m hoping for is a continuation of Danny Phantom. Nickelodeon owns the rights at the time of writing but Hartman has expressed interest in buying them. Let’s age the characters up ala 10 Years Later and pick up where the show left off.

Will you be supporting OAXIS? It’s not often that a network focuses on providing quality and clean family entertainment. It would be sort of cool to see older shows like Leave It to Beaver, that focused on family friendly entertainment, to steam on the network.

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