Check This Out! Jimmy Fallon Mashes Up ‘Riverdale’ With ‘Peanuts’

There are three things from my childhood that I hold dearly: Lego, Archie Comics, and Charles M. Schulz’s Peanuts. Now, Jimmy Fallon has mashed two of those three things together in a fan parody that is actually pretty well done. Well, if you can get past the fact Jimmy Fallon and his sidekick Higgins are in it (and that last part alone almost ruins it). Check out the Peanuts trailer, imagining Charlie Brown and the gang as if they were part of Riverdale. And beware of special guest stars, and a cute beagle.

Not going to lie, I would watch this. Of course, only if they actually cast good actors, and ditched whatever-the-fuck that weird music was. But they managed to take Charlie Brown and give it that CW look and it didn’t completely screw up the property.

Oh, and that dancing was SPOT ON at the end.