Check This Out! ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ HISHE

HISHE has released their latest video offering an alternative look at how Star Wars: The Last Jedi should have ended. Check it out below.

HISHE definitely gave what the fans wanted and poked fun at some of the sillier plot holes in the film. Nice to see force ghost Anakin has reverted back to his prequel ways. Also, Ackbar gets the justice he deserves.

What did you think?

  • TheGreenMalice

    Off Topic: Why didn’t anyone tell me that Star Wars Rebels is actually pretty good. I just finished season one.

  • TheDeadFellow

    My eyes are already boring into the back of my skull.

  • 1 2 3 4

    Everything with Admiral Ackbar ruled! He definitely deserved better than the glossed-over death Rian Johnson gave him.

  • Nokoo

    First 30 seconds and already they’ve hooked me better than TLJ ever did in theaters.

  • I think you’ll like this one Dhal.

  • William Dhalgren


    Man, I generally don’t like these things, Duke. I may have a look later today.

  • Where is @childofbellona:disqus to tell me if this is a better ending than the actual film!

  • Kemosabe 🦇

    These are always fun.