Check This Out! Watch Tommy Wiseau’s Joker Audition Tape

Tommy Wiseau and The Room are now known worldwide to a larger than ever audience. With The Disaster Artist having given Wiseau a second shot in Hollywood, he teamed with Nerdist to film an audition tape. But which role was he auditioning for? Well for the part of the Joker, Batman’s #1 villain.

Check out the audition tape below, and enjoy the guest they managed to rope into playing Batman.

I have to say that while that was cringey beyond belief Wiseau looks pretty good decked out in the Joker makeup. If he could up the craziness just a tad bit more than we might be on to something here. I feel Greg Sestero could have tried a bit harder being Batman though.

Would you watch a Batman/Joker film starring these two?

The Disaster Artist is now available on digital and physical media.