Clark Gregg on Season 6 of ‘Agents of SHIELD’ (potential spoilers)

It’s a magical place.

iO9 spoke to Clark Gregg a few weeks back while he was promoting Captain Marvel (check out our review here) and he hadquite a few things to say about he upcoming season of Agents of SHIELD. Let’s jump right in:

On dealing with the static between Marvel’s film and television divisions:

I think in the early days it was very much an experiment and honestly, Marvel was really one big company, and now it’s really not. I think it’s really two separate divisions and there was a real desire to thread very carefully what we were doing with the movies. You know, at the end of season one with the Hydra reveal in Captain America: Winter Soldier, it turned our show upside down.

But I think when the show started to really find its best stride was when our writers decided “Eh, screw it. We’re going to take what we can get and there’s a lot of stuff [Marvel Studios] doesn’t seem to be using. They don’t seem to be using L.M.D.s, they don’t seem to be using Ghostrider or the Framework. At first we didn’t believe that we were doing Secret Warriors, but then it became clear—‘Oh, that’s Quake.’ They’ve ingeniously taken the parts of the Marvel universe—which is broad—that no one seemed to be interested in, and we’ve squeezed every drop out of them and really let our train go on its own track.

I’ve read comments on how some viewers didn’t like the Framework story line because there was no “real stakes”. I disagree with this. AoS was confined in a corner for very much of it’s existence. “You can’t do anything world changing because it will affect the MCU”. What did they do? They created their own universe inside the MCU that wouldn’t affect much of the outside world. I thought that was brilliant. The real stakes there were the characters and they did a fantastic job writing their arcs. They made their own sandbox to play in until they could go to space.

On the ending of Season 5:

Coulson goes off to Tahiti with Agent May at the end of season five without much time left and it was a very moving, sad thing the show did. We thought we were maybe done. Then they picked us up for two seasons, and at a certain point they asked me to direct an episode, and sat me down to explain some of this season. One of the things we’re exploring is an idea that while half the team’s out in space trying to find the other timeline cryogenically frozen Leo Fitz, the other half of the team is here grieving and trying to put SHIELD back together with Agent MacKenzie running it, which is exciting to me because Henry Simmons is so amazing.

And lastly, Clark Gregg’s role in the upcoming Season 6:

There’s some strange anomaly happening that feels like a very threatening rupture every time it occurs and there are these people, these humanoid people who show up in the footage and one of them looks a lot like Coulson. He’s bad, he’s dangerous, and terrifying. He’s a different person and it’s difficult for everyone to cope with, but especially Agent May and Daisy.”

It’s not long now. Agents Of SHIELD season 6 starts this May.

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