Comic Quick Pick – ‘Green Lantern Earth One’ Hardcover

This week’s Comic Quick Pick is Green Lantern Earth One HC.

Writer: Gabriel Hardman, Corinna Bechko

Artist: Gabriel Hardman

Release Date – March 14th, 2018

Publisher – DC Comics

Cover Price – $24.99

The newest Earth One original graphic novel presents an all-new origin for the Emerald Warrior! Hal Jordan yearns for the thrill of discovery, but the days when astronaut and adventure were synonymous are long gone. His gig prospecting asteroids for Ferris Galactic is less than fulfilling-but at least he’s not on Earth, where technology and culture have stagnated. When Jordan finds a powerful ring, he also finds a destiny to live up to. There are worlds beyond his own, unlike anything he ever imagined. But revelation comes with a price: the Green Lantern Corps has fallen, wiped out by ruthless killing machines known as Manhunters. The odds against reviving the Corps are nearly impossible…but doing the impossible is exactly what Hal Jordan was trained to do!

From co-writer and artist Gabriel Hardman (Invisible Republic) comes a soaring original graphic novel that takes a radical new look at the mythology of Green Lantern and provides a great entry point for new readers

Splendiferous Take- Earth One Graphic Novels are definitely the entry point for new readers. One problem many people interested in comic books have is the aged old question, “Where do I start?” These graphic novels aren’t bogged down with heavy continuity like most superhero comics today.  If you are a fan of space adventures, magic rings, and the color green, this is one story worth checking out!