Comic Quick Pick – ‘Oblivion Song’

Comic Quick Pick – Oblivion Song

Friday night, I pulled out a stack of comics to start reading and I decided to go with Robert Kirkman and Lorenzo De Felici’s Oblivion Song. I missed out on the opportunity to get on the ground floor with the Walking Dead and I decided the next ongoing Kirkman comes out with I’m adding it to my pull list.

Oblivion Song takes place on Earth after an event called the Transference takes place, sending 300,000 people to an alien dimension called Oblivion, and in return, sending alien monsters to Earth. Nathan Cole was a part of an elite group that would search Oblivion and rescue the displaced residents of Philadelphia. Issue One features Nathan saving a stranded couple named the Crenshaws and bringing them back to their family. Nathan uses this successful mission in a bid to get restored government funding to save others. His offer is rejected but this does not discourage Nathan from continuing his work. Nathan’s friends, Bridget and Duncan, oversee his excursions, while his girlfriend, Heather, is worried about Nathan’s safety because his next mission could be his last.

Over the course of the first 3 issues, you learn the motivation for Nathan risking his life to travel to Oblivion, what happens to the individuals that are rescued from this alien world, and how people still stranded on Oblivion survive their new and terrifying landscape.

Kirkman had the idea for this book in the back of his mind for a long time but he was waiting for the right artist to help him bring his story to life. Kirkman reached out to De Felici and the rest is history.

I recommend this comic for those that love sci-fi action, creature features, and intrigue. Every issue ends with a reveal that makes you want to read the next one immediately.

Oblivion Song Book One featuring Issues One Through Six is available now for the low, low price of $9.99. This would make a great Christmas gift for the comic book lover in your life and it also would be a great read while spending time at your family’s house over the holidays.