Comic Quick Pick – ‘Uncanny X-Men 3D’ #1

Uncanny X-Men #268 is one of the best X-Men stories of all time and the cover is one of the most iconic.

To commemorate and celebrate Marvel’s 80th anniversary this year, Marvel released this issue in 3-D!

Uncanny X-Men 3D #1Relive comics history in the making as Wolverine’s hidden past with Captain America and the Black Widow is revealed – re-presenting the landmark UNCANNY X-MEN #268 like you’ve never seen it before – in senses-shattering 3D, courtesy of superstar creators Chris Claremont and Jim Lee! Polybagged with a pair of 3D glasses!

This special issue is priced at $7.99. I ordered this issue because I’ve never read it and I’d like to see what Jim Lee’s art looks like leaping off the page.  Imagine Wolverine’s claws coming within inches of your face!