Coming Soon From Source Point Press

If you are looking for some horror themed comic books just in time for Halloween, here are a few choice titles being released by Source Point Press. 

Ogre #1 – Cover Price – $3.99

Written by Bob Salley. Art by Shawn Daley.

A reclusive beast sits locked in a castle prison cell with the ghost of the corpse he is chained to. And now he must decide if he’ll join in on an escape plan that could set him on an adventure he’s not prepared to embark upon. In Shops Oct 31st, 2018.


Holliston: Carnival of Carnage – Cover Price $5.99

Written by Gregory Wright. Art by Stephen Sharer and  Joshua Werner.

The gang (and nearly every supporting character) from Adam Green’s cult favorite TV show is back! And they’re battling creepy clowns, romantic rivals, and a trip to the freak show tent! When Laura competes in the town carnival’s chili cook-off, her famous “Murder Pepper Chili” transforms the citizens of Holliston into raging zombies, and only our lovable losers/heroes can save the day. Joe has a plan, but will it work? Can Adam face his fear of the freak show tent? Is Corri going to kick a bunch of ass? And will Laura win the contest or whatever? Find out in Holliston: Carnival of Carnage! In Shops Oct 31st, 2018.


Halloween Comic Fest: Monstrous – 3 Monsters and a Baby  Free

Written by Gregory Wright. Art by Ken Lamug.

Taking care of a baby can be monstrous…

Three bumbling monster criminals on the run from the law accidentally wind up as babysitters. But they’ve got bigger problems than diapers because that baby is being hunted by Dracula and an army of vampires. This lightning-paced one-shot delivers chills and laughs for monster-lovers of all ages. In Shops Oct 27th, 2018. 

You can find a preview of the book here.

Rating: All-Ages.


Monstrous #1 – Cover Price $3.99

Written by Gregory Wright. Art by Ken Lamug.

When Dr. Frankenstein’s creature was not the life he’d hoped to construct, he turned his efforts toward robots, artificial men who would obey orders. The creature sought out Frankenstein’s secrets of life and death to manufacture more monsters like himself, but he could not control his creations any more than his creator could. Thus began an Era of Monsters! Now a battle for control sweeps across the land. When a monster kills a little girl’s father, she seeks revenge – by hiring an even tougher monster. The two of them face steam-powered robot cops and undead monster gangsters, but when they find the criminal they’re hunting, the results are monstrous. In Shops Nov 21st, 2018.

Halloween ComicFest is scheduled for Saturday October 27th, 2018, where you can pick up Monstrous: 3 Monsters and a Baby for FREE!

You can pre-order Ogre, Holliston: Carnival of Carnage, and Monstrous from your local comic shop.

Source Point Press can also be found online at Comixology and on their official website.

A review of Monstrous #1 will hit here in the beginning of November.