Conan Joins Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in ‘Savage Avengers’

Good morning True Believers!

It was announced yesterday that Conan will be joining a new squad of Avengers in Savage Avengers.

Written by Gerry Dugan with art by Mike Deodato Jr. Savage Avengers will unite Conan with Wolverine, Elektra, The Punisher, Brother Voodoo, and Venom.  How Conan will make his way to the 616 Universe is still yet to be determined as well as what brings this group of heroes and vigilantes together in the first place.

What I’m hoping to see is Conan consumed by the symbiote Venom during the course of the series. That’s a team up a lot of Marvel Zombies would mark out for.

I’m looking forward to this series but I’m worried that Conan is going to be run into the ground and overexposed so soon after his return to the Marvel Universe (see Deadpool for an example).We will have to wait and see how long the Cimmerian will be a part of this team of Avengers, hopefully longer than the first story arc of the series.

A release date for the first issue of Savage Avengers is unknown at this time, but you can pre-order it at your local comic shop.