The FilmExodus Manifesto

Welcome to FilmExodus, a place for film lovers to comment and discuss anything movie-related. Our main focus is covering movie and TV news, but we do some side helpings of comics and video games when we can, along with a hearty dose of opinion articles and reviews.

Our Origin Story

Avada kedavra.

And just like that, it was gone. Voldemort had eradicated Disqus comments from our favorite movie news site. We were lost, and soon to be forgotten had someone not stepped into the role of Captain and taken charge of this Enterprise. In May 2017, FilmExodus was launched by a collective community made up of former commenters. We had spent the prior two months growing as a Disqus channel, and finally took the leap to an actual website (thank goodness our staff is made up of a lot of computer programmers).
We are a volunteer-based website that places an emphasis on providing you with no click bait articles, and lots of community discussion.

What Does FilmExodus Have to Offer?

I’m glad you asked. Lots, actually. Here’s a sample:
  • Let’s Talk About: A great opinion driven series of threads focusing on any movie or TV show you want to discuss. It’s also home to the FilmExodus AFI 100 series, where each week we take a look at one of the 100 movies listed in the 2007 updated list of AFI’s 100 Movies.
  • Let Them Fight!: A discussion series that pits two directors against one another and lets the commenter decide which one is the better filmmaker. Eventually, the winners go head-to-head in a tournament style fight called FilmExodus’ Battle Royale.
  • Monsoon-A-Day: Resident writer Sailor Monsoon writes a movie review every day (or so). We’re guaranteed you probably haven’t heard of half of them.
  • FilmExodus Roasts: Roastmaster Joshua leads a roast of a critical or box office failure. It’s lighthearted fun that’s sure to have you enjoying yourself.
  • Exclusive Interviews: DBMI brings you exclusive one-on-one interviews with some of the talent behind your favorite movies and shows.
  • Everything & Nothing: Our weekend open thread to discuss both the reel and real world. Possible conversation starters range from everything to nothing.

And that’s just brushing the top of the barrel. We also bring you up-to-date news covering your favorite upcoming movies, TV shows, and comics; as well as opinion pieces and discussion topics that will keep you talking.

Contact Us

FilmExodus is always looking to grow and adapt to the ever changing tide. If you want to contribute to the site or have any questions/feedback, contact us at the emails below:
General Questions or want to contribute:
That’s all Folks! Hasta la vista, baby!