CW ‘ElseWorlds’ Promo: Earth-90 and [spoiler?]

Say what you will about the CWverse shows (they’re getting tiresome to me), but the one thing they do great is embrace the hell out of all the different incarnations of their heroes. And have some fun with it. And this latest clip for Elseworlds, this years crossover event, turns it up to 11.

Tagged at the end of the latest Supergirl episode, CW gave us a little sample of what’s leading up to this years crossover. Take a look:



Did you see that? Now this, THIS, is what I love about the CWverse. Completely embracing and utilizing the parallel earths and dimensions, and just running with it at full speed (sorry not sorry). Earth 90. This isn’t John Wesley Shipp playing just any parallel version of The Flash (or Jay Garrick – which was freaking awesome), this is him playing the original Flash from the 90’s (Get it? Earth 90?).

Ah, the 90’s.


If that wasn’t cool enough, did you catch all the Justice League/JSA members referenced? I caught Stargirl, Hawkman/Hawkwoman, Dr. Fate and best of all Green Arrow (if you can make out the rest please note below in the comments). Yes, that was Green Arrow’s costume in the Smallville series. Pleather armbands and all.

I played Aquaman in a pilot but CW didn’t like it so they gave me Green Arrow. But, it’s okay because I’m on This Is Us now.

Let’s hope that these crossovers continue to redeem the CWverse shows and make up for all that teen angst/drama, repeating story lines, villains extending their welcome and characters that are just given something to do for the sake of doing something (I’m behind on a few episodes of The Flash, LoT, Arrow and a season or two of Supergirl for these reasons). With black suited Superman, Batwoman and now this little glimpse I am finally sold and am going catch up.

The crossover event starts Sunday, December 9th.

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