Updated: Danny Elfman to Score Justice League Film


Good news for audiophiles and music lovers, Danny Elfman has been tapped to score the Justice League movie.

The former lead singer of Oingo Boingo , movie and TV music composer extraordinaire,  and frequent Tim Burton collaborator will be doing the score for Justice League.

Exclusively announced by the Hollywood Reporter, Danny Elfman will be taking over scoring duties on the film from Junkie XL, who will be working on Tomb Raider.

No stranger to superhero movies, Elfman has worked on Batman, Batman Returns, Spider-man, Spider- man 2, and most recently, Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Personally, this good news is music to my ears! (Pun intended) .

Do you have a favorite song by Danny Elfman? A favorite score? Tell us your favorite Elfman related musical moments in the comment section below! 

I’ll start – My favorite song by Danny Elfman/Oingo Boingo is the theme to Weird Science.


Update courtesy of Exile David Curry:

Thanks David!