‘Daredevil’ Season 3 Review

With news of the recent cancellation of Daredevil on Netflix. I figured that it would be best to review Daredevil season 3, which surrounds Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) as he recovers from his injuries from the end of The Defenders. He is struggling with his faith, when he finds out that Wilson Fisk (Vincent D’Onofrio) has been let out of prison and is again slowly rising to power.

This is the best season that Marvel and Netflix have produced. The action is great. There were some really great additions to the cast specifically Wilson Bethel as Agent Poindexter (aka Bullseye), Joanne Wallay as Sister Maggie, and Jay Ali as Agent Nadeem. The character work was phenomenal this season, specifically for our hero, Matt Murdock, who finds himself in a really dark place this season. Everyone has their own story line and they all tie into the main story of bringing the Kingpin down.

As said above the action is superb this season. As per the usual with Daredevil, there is a one take action sequence, the first season was in a hallway, the second season was in a stairwell, the third is in a prison and lasts for about 11 minutes, which is really impressive. Also the fight scenes between Daredevil and Bullseye are brutal and it’s cool to see Bullseye’s skill set in action.

Vincent D’Onofrio gets to showcase his intellect as the villain and the audience realizes just how scary his brain is. He is always at least 5 steps ahead of the game. There were some really nice artistic choices in terms of story, a specific example being Bullseye origin, which is shot like an art house film.

I’m really glad the show reverted back to the black costume for Daredevil, because the red devil costume looks cheesy on screen, though I did enjoy how Wilson Bethel wore it. The supporting cast of Foggy and Karen had more to do this season which was nice, but sometimes when their scenes were on you wished you were back to the main story. Though I didn’t find their characters as annoying this time around, which I have found them to be in the past.

I don’t have many negatives about this season, just a couple of nitpicks. Some of the dialogue, especially in the beginning episodes were cheesy and didn’t gel well with the show. I also wish we got to see a more of Fisk’s brutality. The show exemplified how much of a mastermind he is this season, I just wish we got to see a little more action on his part.

What did y’all think of Daredevil season 3? Was it the best season of a comic book show on TV? And is there any hope that Daredevil gets picked up by Hulu or Disney+ or is this the end of the Charlie Cox Daredevil? Let me know down below!