‘Dark Phoenix’ Trailer (and Poster)

I actually like this. The trailer, on the other hand…

Because Fox knows how to build that hype, they’ve released the first full trailer for Dark Phoenix on a random Wednesday night… during an episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden… Okay.

Because I’m the one posting this, I may give the impression that I’m really hyped, but I just got home from work and was about to do fuck-all (so maybe more trailers should drop now).

Honestly, this preview did very little for me. I guess I should be grateful that we don’t see any Ivan Ooze (or Brett Ratner credit), but I was never really interested in Jean’s arc to begin with, so I’m pretty indifferent to a retread with the Teen Titans.

Don’t get me wrong– As with any preview I’m bashing, I hope to be proven… well, wrong. I also know that there are those of you who are really excited for this (shout-out to IndianaMcClane). There’s just a lot of uncertainty surrounding the film, between my disappointment in the last chapter, Simon Kinberg’s directing debut, the extensive reshoots, Sophie Turner‘s ability to carry a film, and the whole Disney/Fox merger (The Doors’ The End intensifies).

Many fans already seem to have their sights on the inevitable reboot, and as much as I like the FoX-Men franchise as a whole, this trailer does little to dissuade me from their view. But it’s also the first trailer, so maybe I should just shut my yap.

What say you, Exiles? Are you looking forward to this? Or at least happy that it isn’t being shelved in the Disney vault? Sound off in the comments!

Dark Phoenix unleashes on February 14, 2019.