Disney Sets Dates for ‘Aladdin’, ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’, and More

Disney has announced release dates for a quartet of upcoming films. Find out when you can catch these flicks below.

First, Star Wars: Episode IX has vacated it’s May 2019 spot to find a new home at December 20, 2019. It looks like Lucasfilm will continue banking on the success Rogue One and The Force Awakens had in that same late December area.

Next, Aladdin has entered the spot currently vacated by Episode IX. It is set for a release May 24, 2019, putting it against the live-action adaptation of Minecraft (which I doubt makes it to theaters).

Artemis Fowl finds a cozy nest in August 9, 2019, while Christopher Robin is first out of the door with a release set for August 3, 2018.

Which upcoming Disney film are you most excited for (okay, other than Episode IX)?

Source: ScreenRant

  • Raiden

    Aladdin will likely succeed despite the SJW controversy because of the insidious power of the disney brand. But Minecraft? Video Game movies are almost always NEVER good. We’ve only had ONE decent Video Game movie, Wreck-It-Ralph. Two if you count the first Resident Evil.

  • Raiden

    And already the social justice brats are attacking the Aladdin remake for “cultural insensitivity”. Namely because there is ONE white guy playing an original supporting character. . . All this despite the fact that EVERY other character is being played by a non-white actor. can’t least social justice nutjobs Count Their Blessings? At least it’s not whitewashed like Last Airbender was!

    It has a GENIE and a MAGIC CARPET! Cultural accuracy is the last thing on Disney’s mind you ungrateful brats!

    Sorry, I just needed to to get this off my chest. This is a remake of one of my favorite movies and I think it totally sucks that it has to be mired in controversy no matter what Disney does to try and mitigate it.

    One thing’s for certain it sure as hell ain’t getting into the Middle Eastern market.

  • MichaelAndTheArgonauts

    I feel like you need to study Marketing Josh. Seriously. Think about it. You’re a great hype man.

  • Larry Version 3

    The only thing that made me think in that article was when I saw ‘live-action adaption of Minecraft.’ Whoever comes up with this crap needs to stop. We have enough rubbish flooding the cinema without putting a rubbish video game adaption in. Unless it has the Rock of course…that’d be another story…

    Genuinely interested in that Christopher Robin film though for some reason XD

  • Manuel Orozco

    Good idea Josh

  • Joshua Martyniouk

    I guess we will see who has the better trailers.

  • Manuel Orozco

    Tough to say

  • Joshua Martyniouk

    Minecraft Vs Aladdin!
    Who will win?

  • Joshua Martyniouk

    Aladdin on memorial day weekend is a gamble for 2 reasons.
    If the movie fails it will fail hard but if it succeeds it will be a huge success. Guy Ritche is a wild card. Summer release makes sense. Also it has to face Minecraft! Minecraft needs to move now and give Aladdin the weekend to itself or that film is dead.
    I did not know Disney’s next franchise was Artemis Fowl! Im pretty excited now! Loved the books! Asa Butterfied as Artemis also the books were amazing hope it becomes a big huge franchise. Star Wars has the perfect release date!
    Christopher Robins releasing next year is easy oscar bait but it makes sense. Hopeful it is very dark for a Disney movie.
    Also Disney is pushing Nicole the Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader movie for the holiday and award season. The plot of Santa’s daughter saving Christmas seems interesting!

  • Manuel Orozco

    I was expecting Aladdin to make it for August 3rd. But I can totally manage with a Memorial Day weekend release instead!