Don Hertzfeldt Releases 4K Restoration of Short ‘Rejected’ on Youtube

If you were alive and hip in 2000, this short was your handshake film. If the phrases “My anus is bleeding!”,“My spoon is too big!” or the sight of the Silly Hats Club didn’t inspire riotous amounts of laughter from whoever you showed them to, you knew they were not the one.

Released after Hertzfeldt graduated from film school, Rejected is his scathing albeit hilarious take on consumerism. Presented as a series of random commercials that have been rejected by television networks, the short gets increasingly inappropriate and insane with each advert.

Nominated for an Oscar in 2001, the short evolved from a cult classic into a internet sensation and would eventually be named one of the most important and influential films of the 21st century. Notice I said film and not short. This ridiculous cartoon made at least three lists of the best films released since 2000.

Pretty impressive for a nine minute, crudely drawn short involving cloud men bleeding out of their assholes.