Don Mancini Reveals ‘Child’s Play’ TV Series; Plus His Thoughts on a World War II ‘Chucky’ Movie

Child’s Play/Chucky creator Don Mancini has revealed that a TV series is in development for the redheaded killer doll. Speaking with Bloody Disgusting, Mancini said how franchise producer David Kirschner and him are currently developing the TV series. Apparently, the end of the last film, Cult of Chucky, set up the TV series.

On the tone the series would take, Mancini explained:

“We plan to use Child’s Play in the title. We want to definitely signal that we are going dark, darker than ever before. It’s going to be very creepy.”

Mancini also revealed that Brad Dourif would return to voice Chucky, and that the series will be a continuation of the film series. The plan is to do an 8-part hour long series.

Additionally, Mancini revealed that he wouldn’t mind making a World War II centered Chucky film:

I would love to do a World War II-era Chucky movie; I think would be awesome. It would be legitimately interesting to see Chucky in that milieu with the iconography and the archetypes of the World War II movie; he could be great.”

Are you excited for the TV series? What are your thoughts on seeing Chucky in World War II?

  • Sailor Monsoon

    Every horror franchise has a following and this one is much bigger than Sharknado’s.

  • Tanis11

    Do these movies have an actual following? Or is it something along the lines of Sharknado? Horror isn’t one of my favorite genres but the few of these I saw I found both weird and funny…and not very entertaining. In fact one of them had some weird doll sex scene if I recall.

  • ResonanceCascade

    I recently read that Bruce Campbell was in talks to co-star in Freddy vs Jason vs Ash, but he declined because the other studios wouldn’t sign the deal if Ash killed both of them. And since Ash would obviously win, that meant there was no movie there.

  • Joe Newman

    I hope that is a street of lies.

  • Sailor Monsoon

    They need to do something because word on the street is that season 3 might be the last season

  • Joe Newman

    It has my interest. Still need to see Seed, Curse and Cult… Maybe…?

  • Joe Newman

    Don’t get my hopes up like that.

  • Sailor Monsoon

    Skip a show and just add him to ash vs evil dead

  • It’s a dying art.

    EDIT: But I’ll take subpar animatronics over cheap CG.

  • The puppet effects are horrendous looking now.

  • I thought he wanted to make the franchise serious again, but then he starts dipping back into wacky Seed of Chucky territory.

    I don’t even know how they’d explain an 80s toy being in the 40s… Child’s Play don’t need no time travel.

  • King Alvarez

    Yeah, the show sounds like it would work, but WWII Chucky seems silly.

  • I’m not completely opposed to a show– Mancini has really taken the franchise under his wing– but those puppet effects are gonna keep dropping in quality…

  • King Alvarez