Dwayne Johnson, Hugh Jackman, and More Eyed to Voice ‘Detective Pikachu’

Apparently Pikachu talks now?

Dwayne Johnson, Hugh Jackman, Mark Whalberg, and Ryan Reynolds are all on Legendary Pictures’ radar to voice the popular Pokemon, reports That Hashtag Show. None of the actors have met with Legendary yet, but if this is who they are interested in casting then this film will surely be… something. Rob Letterman (Goosebumps) is still signed on to direct.

I remember when they announced a Pokemon movie. I thought, “this seems like a good idea. Have Ace and Pikachu on their quest to capture Pokemon.” Basically, make it a live-action adaptation of any one of the hundreds of episodes available. Then they announced Detective Pikachu, and I thought, “What kind of balls does Legendary have?”

Pokemon really enjoyed a mainstream renaissance when Pokemon GO took over the world summer 2016. It has once again simmered, so it’s left to see if Detective Pikachu will be able to pick up general interest. Casting The Rock might be a good start though.

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  • iirc Detective Pikachu is a human who was magically turned into a Pikachu? I don’t think the game ever came to the west so I don’t know a lot about it. Pokemon are animals, so the norm is they just make growls and squeaks. The “only repeats its own name over and over” conceit is a creation of the anime; in the games they just make animal noises.

  • Manuel Orozco

    I thought Devito was already casted

  • Oh right, I forgot it’s a species. So is something wrong with Ash’s Pikachu, or is Detective Pikachu like a savant? Which one is unique?

  • Detective Pikachu is a specific Pikachu that’s different than the one from the anime. This one’s a hard-boiled gumshoe, talks in perfect, deep-voiced human tongues, and unlike Ash’s, doesn’t have a ketchup fetish.

  • Joe Newman


  • Strayson Voorhees


  • Strayson Voorhees

    Does he talk or is this a vin diesel I am groot thing?

  • Killsqu4d

    I know 😉

  • Joshua Martyniouk

    Detective Pikachu talks and I can see Hugh Jackman, Danny Devito and Ryan Reynolds doing this. But Dwayne Johnson makes no sense! Sylvester Stallone and now we are talking!

  • Joshua Martyniouk

    Misty is a girl not a guy…
    Give it to Margrot Robbie!

  • Killsqu4d

    Danny Devito as motion cap Pikachu

    Kevin Hart as Brock

    Ed Sheeran as Misty

    Make it happen!

  • Killsqu4d

    ……but why, momma? Why?

  • I don’t care about Pokémon, but casting one of those guys as Pikachu seems like it would really piss off the fanbase, no?

    My choice is Samuel L. Jackson.

  • Manuel Orozco

    I don’t give a care since I outgrew from anything Pokémon since I was 11. It’s tough sometimes to follow a franchise that has lasted this long!