Everything and Nothing Welcomes January 2019

You Exiles know the drill; “Everything & Nothing” is a weekend open post where anything goes. Okay, maybe not anything; but it’s a place to chat about stuff in the reel and real world.

Movies Opening this Weekend 

  1. Escape Room 
  2. Animal Crackers 
  3. Being Rose 
  4. Rust Creek 
  5. State Like Sleep 
  6. The Vanishing 
  7. The Venerable W 

Bergman’s classic ‘Wild Strawberries’ to screen at Regent Square

Hitchhiker Brewing’s hops get national props

Golden Globe Awards this Sunday 

Movies Released in 1989 – Celebrating 30th Anniversary in 2019 – 

First up – Ghostbusters 2 – Release DateJune 16th 1989 

(as close as New Years Eve we can get in cinema and celebration)