Everything & Nothing: Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019!

You Exiles know the drill; “Everything & Nothing” is a weekend open post where anything goes. Okay, maybe not anything; but it’s a place to chat about stuff in the reel and real world.

Opening Monologue

FilmExodus is kicking off 2019 in style! A huge shoutout to King Alvarez for designing our new permanent Everything & Nothing logo! We listened to what you were saying about the weekend open posts! How the header images and lack of Bernie were making these posts get lost in the sea. We imputed the data into our computer and did some Weird Science and brought to life the Weekend at Bernie’s stylistic features into our new header image. It’s got that flare that hopefully everyone will fecking love. (And yes, it even has some blue for you Jack Slater).

Theatrical Releases

  • None. Holmes & Watson, Vice, On the Basis of Sex, and Destroyer all opened on Christmas Day.

This Day in Movie History (December 28, 1895)

“At the Salon Indien of the Grand Café in Paris, cinematography pioneers the Lumiere Brothers effectively opened the first cinema box office, charging the public to see 10 short films they had filmed earlier that year projected onto a big screen.” | excerpt from BT

Closing Thoughts

As we say goodbye to 2018 (except some Top Films of 2018 lists to drop soon) and await the wonders of 2019, the FilmExodus Community would like to send a hearty thank-you for everyone who continues to support the site. Our aim is to continue to grow and provide you with more content in the new year.

If 2018 was the Year of the Earth Dog, then let 2019 be the Year of the Mutiny!