Everything & Nothing: 180+ Days (Now How Many Weekends Is That?)

Hey hey, Exiles.

To celebrate our 6 month anniversary, we’re going against the norm and putting up a mid-week open thread. Let’s get the crazy discussions going.

Also, wanted to give a big shout out to Duke, Sailor Monsoon, King Alvarez, Blank Stare, TheDeadFellow, Poppity, Galaxion, those crazy Basement Bros, J-Mart, MrSplendiferous, Indiana McClane, Joe Newman, Captain Jack, William Dhalgren and Linda Owino (in no specific order) for all the awesome contributions and writing skills. If I left anyone out, I aplogise and will edit accordingly.


Anyone going to see Justice League this weekend?

Excited for the documentary about the filming of Man on The Moon with Jim Carrey?

Are you waiting for Hollywood to crumble with all these scandals and getting ready to pounce in when they need fresh blood and we can make film like it was before?