Everything & Nothing: The Road To Black Panther


You guys and gals know the drill; “Everything & Nothing” is a weekend open post where anything goes. Okay, maybe not anything; but it’s a place to chat about stuff in the reel and real world.

Does anyone ever read these short introductions to the weekend thread? I feel as though I could ramble on about anything and none of you would be the wiser.

Instead of turning this into a mini rant like I originally planned, I’m going to suggest a friendly bet. I bet that Black Panther will be the most successful MCU film ever. If I’m right, each and every one of you that takes the bet has to write a review of a film of your choosing. If I’m wrong, I’ll eat an entire bag of black licorice. Which as you all know is the food of Satan.

So what say you Exiles?

Black Panther vs Avengers: Civil War.

Let the betting commence.