Everything & Nothing: The way I see it, WE can do whatever WE want!

I much prefer this to the domestic poster.

You sym-bi-oats know the drill; “Everything & Nothing” is a weekend open post where anything goes. Okay, maybe not anything; but it’s a place to chat about stuff in the reel and real world.

Theatrical Releases:

  1. Venom
  2. A Star is Born
  3. Chasing the Blues
  4. The Hate U Give
  5. Heavy Trip
  6. Loving Pablo
  7. Over the Limit
  8. Shine
  9. Studio 54
  10. Trouble

Netflix Releases:

  1. Creeped Out
  2. The Haunting of Molly Hartley
  3. Violet Evergarden
  4. Big Mouth: Season 2
  5. Dancing Queen
  6. Élite
  7. Empire Games
  8. Little Things: Season 2
  9. Malevolent
  10. Private Life
  11. Super Monsters Save Halloween
  12. Super Monsters: Season 2
  13. The Rise of Phoenixes
  14. YG Future Strategy Office

Trivia for Venom:

In the Spider-Man animated series from the 90s, Eddie Brock/Venom is voiced by Hank Azaria. He is perhaps best known as one of the mainstays from The Simpsons (he voices Moe, Wiggum, Apu, etc). You can listen to a clip below:

This Day in Movie History (October 5th, 1945):

Known as the “Hollywood Black Friday,” a strike by set decorators turned violent at the gates of Warner Brothers’ studios. Remember, WB: History repeats itself… #ReleaseTheSnyderCut

I’m launching sarcasm like tear gas.

Will you be checking out Venom, or are you expecting a turd in the wind? Will 20 Questions hijack another weekend thread? Either way, let us know what’s going on in your life, and together we can prevent a tumbleweed on the web.