FanCast: Damon Lindelof’s Watchmen

With the news just breaking about Damon Lindelof helming a television series based on the acclaimed graphic novel Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, it’s time, once again, for FanCast. You know the rules (Are there rules?) Pick an actor/actress you think would be the best choice for the character in question. Or whoever you wanna see in the role.


Nite Owl 2–Justin Theroux

Theroux might seem like a lazy choice considering he just got done working with Lindelof on the exceptional The Leftovers, but he was amazing on that show and why the hell wouldn’t you bring his ass on over to this one.


Silk Spectre 2–Alexandria Daddario

Remember before Man of Steel came out and hollywood really wanted Henry Cavill for every role? James Bond, Batman, Edward Cullen, Superman (The Bryan Singer One) he was wanted for everything. I’m the exact same way with Daddario. She’s going to explode and it’s just a matter of when. Not if. This role could be the one to do it.


Rorschach–Kevin McKidd

Whether you liked the film adaptation or not, The one thing i think everyone can agree on is the fact that Jackie Earl Haley killed it as Rorschach. His are the biggest shoes to fill but i think McKidd is up to the challenge. He’s just going to need prosthetics obviously. He’s a little too pretty.


The Comedian–Frank Grillo

I’m trying to keep it in the realm of possibility but if there’s a way to get Jon Hamm as the Comedian, get Jon Hamm but since i doubt he’d do it, Grillo is literally next best option. Unfortunately Grillo lost The role he was born for-The Punisher but The Comedian is actually the better character. He’s surprising complex and will probably be the most important of the show and i think Grillo can carry that weight.


Ozymandias–Benjamin Walker

Like Daddario, another actor i believe will be huge soon. He hasn’t had much luck in film, so maybe television will be a better fit. It’s incredible how fast the world forgot about Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson. It paved the way for Hamilton and the lions share of its success belongs to Walker. He’s incredible.


Dr. Manhattan–Lee Pace

Pace was the first actor that popped in my head but the fact that he just played a blue guy in Guardians Of The Galaxy made me consider other actors but he’s perfect. Benedict Cumberbatch would also be perfect but Cumberbatch is in all the things. Pace needs a great role and he would crush Dr. Manhattan.


Rorschach’s Journal. October 12th, 1985…