FilmExodus Overview: All Articles for April 9 – April 15, 2018

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Another busy week at FilmExodus. Here are some highlights:

  • Joe Newman interviewed Isabel Oliver Marcus, an actress from This Is Us. You can find his interview under News – TV.
  • Road to Infinity continued diving into Phase 2 of the MCU. As well, Poppity and Sailor Monsoon highlighted some old and new films.
  • FilmExodus Battle Royale II finished the match-up round and semi-finals start Monday.
  • TheDeadFellow shared his thoughts on Ridley Scott’s 2017 films.
  • Mister Splendiferous debuted a new weekly feature: What’s in the (Toy) Box?

Shoutout to everyone posting news, trailers, opinions, reviews, anything! You are the real MVPs and truly deserve those non-existent espresso machines.

Until next time Exiles.

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