FilmExodus Overview: All Articles for February 5 – February 11, 2018

Welcome to the FilmExodus Overview, where all the articles for the week are presented in one easy to reach location, with bonus commentary from M. Karlston!

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Weekend Open Post

Welcome Stephanie Lekas to the FEx team! Make sure to check out her Black Mirror review.

In other news, what a week Exiles. This was our best week since launching last year. Huge shoutouts to everyone who took the time to write one or more posts this week. Each and every one of you deserves a pat on the back and some imaginary champagne.

Star Wars and Dwayne Johnson were definitely hot news topics last week. Make sure you’re caught up on the latest news.

Until next time, Exiles.

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  • Sailor Monsoon

    My goddamn donuts.
    Y’all better learn.

  • Most page hits. Probably most posts with more than 1 Facebook share too.

    Man there are donuts. Sailor just eats them all before you show up.

  • DryButSoupy

    When you say it was the best week since launching, what exactly do you mean? Most comments? Most posts? Someone finally brought doughnuts for the break room? What’s the metric?

    Plus, someone needs to bring doughnuts for the break room. Also, we need a break room.

  • Sailor Monsoon

    I want some real champagne you cheap som’bitch