FilmExodus Overview: All Articles for September 11 & 12, 2017

Here’s the Overview. I don’t have time for a witty opening, I got to keep my eyes peeled for IT.





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Well, another couple days have come and gone, and we’re back together… in this alley overviewing old news. Nothing weird about that.

Let’s start with the basics. Lots of news dropped. Lots of great volunteers writing articles on said news. Keep it up, you are all doing a great job! (That exclamation mark was for you J-Mart.)

Some pretty great opinion pieces. Sailor Monsoon, who not only got a post dedicated to his complete works (the guy’s done 130 review/opinion posts; seriously, check this guy’s stuff out), has released the next edition of his Top 100 Cartoon series.

The FilmExodus Battle Royale has begun, which will span the next two and a half weeks. It’s never to late to comment who your pick is, voting doesn’t close until the semi-finals begin late next week.

Tanis11 deserves recognition for his amazing AFI 100 post as does Poppity for her Actor Spotlight. Always great to see more original work flood into FEx.

Please, will everyone give a warm welcome to our new writer Linda Owino! She wrote a post about the return of horror icon Jigsaw, and will be reviewing a couple TV series come this fall season, in addition to being perhaps out resident horror writer? Guess we shall wait and see.

Finally, DBMI, that pesky BB Ben (kidding, you’re not pesky) has been asking about Phase 2 again. Should I tell him he has to wait until the end of Phase 3 before he sees Thanos?

That’s all for now. Until next time Exiles.

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