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In September, FilmExodus had 2,92o unique users. Now here’s the Top 10 most viewed reviews, editorials, staff picks, and just for fun posts of October 2018:

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  4. Lenz on Cinema: Returning from Vietnam
  5. John Travolta’s Fake Filmography
  6. What’s on the Grill? September 26th – October 3rd
  7. Everything We know About ‘The Boys’ Part 1
  8. The 100 Greatest Horror Characters Of All Time (100-91)
  9. Contemporary Film Talk: ‘Seems Like Old Times’ (1980)
  10. The 100 Greatest Horror Characters Of All Time (30-21)





AUGUST 1, 2018 – 1600 HOURS

The Director sat behind his desk typing away at his computer. He was busy putting the finishing touches on an article detailing the development of the upcoming TV adaptation of The Boys, one of his favorite comic series. The Director took pride in making sure his work was one-hundred per cent perfect before he sent it off to the Executive Director. It was the reason why his report on Citizen Kane, marked “URGENT! FINISH IMMEDIATELY”, had not yet been written. The Director wrote when it felt right. He never called the writing to come to him. No, the writing always called the Director.

His phone buzzed just as he was about to hit send. He shrugged and closed the document and hit the speaker button.

“Hey boss!” A voice squeaked out of the speaker.

“Joshua, for the last time, just call me Director.”

“Okay, boss! Er, Director!”

“Josh, is this urgent? Because if it is, can we put it off?”

“Director, Kemosabe is here about the mission in the Amazon. Apparently, there’s been a development.”

The Director rubbed his eyes. Kemosabe was his Chief Financial Analyzer and one pain in the butt. He would meticulously harass the Director until he got his way. The Director was not in the mood for such a discussion at the moment.

“Josh, I’m not in the mood for Kemo treatment. Just tell him I’m off grounds at a meeting with the Head of the B.M.D.”

“Um, about that,” Joshua said.

The Director sighed. “He’s standing right beside you, and you had this call on speaker, didn’t you?”

“He’s coming in now… Now boss about getting me off probation? I haven’t tagged anyone into my Roseanne viewing parties in a month!”

The Director hung up. He had really been hoping on publishing his The Boys post, but that would have to wait.

The door creaked open and Kemosabe walked in. He looked around the room and shook his head.

“I’ll never understand why Canadians love velvet so much.” He said.

“Karlston hates velvet.” The Director replied.

Kemosabe smirked. “Has he harassed you about finishing your Citizen Kane report, lately?”

“When he buys one of my hand-crafted pottery mugs,” The Director responded. “Then he’ll get his report.”

The two shared a brief chuckle. The Director then motioned for Kemosabe to sit down. Once seated, Kemosabe’s mouth started rattling off.

“Sir, we lost contact with McClain fifteen minutes ago.”

The Director rolled his eyes. “Kemosabe, contact hires will go dark. We hire them for their discretion.”

“Sir, if I may, I believe the situation is a bit more complicated.”

“Go on?”

“Before we lost contact,” Kemosabe said. “McClain said that we needed to send Vincent Kane.”

The Director let out a deep breath. “Well, shit.”



August 1, 2018 – 1800 HOURS

McClain was on the run. He was slicing and dicing his way out of the jungle looking for any sort of civilization. He had been hired by EXODUS a month ago to followup on a cold lead: a missing persons case. An 0SCAR agent had gone AWOL in the Amazon. Originally, McClain thought it was going to be a simple enough job. Do a little investigating, report back with inconclusive findings, and then relax back at home.

Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse as soon as he stepped foot in the Amazon. McClain slammed against a tree trunk to catch his breath. He couldn’t hear anything. That wasn’t good. He took off running again.

McClain had tried the simple life. He had been a LAPD cop like his hero John McClane from Die Hard. McClain quit after six months because of a lack of excitement. He then tried his hand at being a rogue archeologist like Indiana Jones, but again, that proved unfruitful. He finally found his calling ground as a contact-for-hire. This gave him a variety of different jobs that blended the excitement and danger he had expected to find following in the footsteps of his fictional heroes. Only now, the danger was all too real.

McClain swung his blade to cut down the next path of leaves in front of him when he tripped on a tree root. He lost his balance and stumbled down a steep ravine. He landed face first into a small stream.

“Dammit!” He muttered. He stumbled to get back up, but it was too late. They had already surrounded him.

McClain wasn’t entirely sure who they were, but they were definitely an ancient tribe from a civilization lost to mankind.

The tribesmen separated and their leader walked forward. He was painted head-to-toe in white paint and resembled a skeleton. He leaned down and stared at McClain.

“American.” The leader spoke.

McClain stared at the leader and laughed. “You have got to be kidding me.”

The leader mumbled a phrase in a language McClain couldn’t understand. Two tribesmen grabbed McClain by the arms. The leader turned around to head back into the trees when McClain spoke up.

“Hey deadfella!” He shouted. “EXODUS has been looking for you.”

The leader stopped and turned back to McClain. His eyes narrowed and a snarl formed at the base of his lips.

“Kill him.” The leader said. “No mercy.”



August 2, 2018 – 0010 HOURS

Karlston, Dhalgren, Alvarez, and Pops approached what was left of the Film Archives building. What was once a majestic six-story tall building housing a copy of almost every foreign film ever produced was nothing but a deep pit now.

“Monsoon would be crying if he was here.” Alvarez said. “So many obscure films lost.”

Karlston and Dhalgren walked over the rubble. Karlston bent down and picked up a film reel. He pulled it open.

“The film,” He said. “It’s all been slashed.”

Pops nodded. “That’s the M.O. for the bomber. Any film that isn’t destroyed by the blast is usually slashed up after.”

“But why slash the film after you’ve bombed it?” Alvarez said. “That makes no sense.”

A ringtone filled the air. Pops touched her ear. “What do you have for me Jean?”

Pops mumbled “mhm” for a few minutes and then hung up. “L’EXODUS might have found a facial match for our bomber. I told Jean we’d come immediately.”

Karlston turned the film reel over in his hands. “Guys, I only know one person who’d slash film like this.”

Pops, Dhalgren, and Alvarez looked at Karlston with baited breath.

“Who?” Dhalgren finally asked.

Karlston looked up at the trio. A forlorn look spread across his face.

“The bomber is…”

To be continued in next month’s Overview.

A lot of great content this month! As always, a huge thank you to the returning talents of Poppity, Sailor Monsoon, Vincent Kane, King Alvarez, DBMI, Joshua Martyniouk, M. Karlston, Mister Splendiferous, Edison Crawley, Bob Cram Jr., TheDeadFellow, Mark Naff, Linda Owino, SomewhereSomehowSometime, and BB Ben. You are all one step closer to that cappuccino machine.

We had an absolutely insane October for horror reviews! Bob Cram Jr. had a 31 Days, 31 Movies series (I only counted 27 movies reviewed though, unless my math is wrong) and we ranked and reviewed the Friday the 13th series. Shout out to the reviewers who kept those who aren’t major horror lovers sane by reviewing non-scary movies!

Otherwise, I huge thank you to everyone who takes the time to comment on, write for, or just stop by and read FilmExodus. We have a unique body of talented writers and commenters so I am glad we offer something for taste in film. For those of you who cover some movie news, you are all awesome! Keep up the great work all of you!

Until next month.

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