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Review – AFI 100

Review – Classic Film Talk

Review – Comics

Review – Double Impact

Review – Horror Korner

Review – Monsoon-A-Day

Review – Other

Staff Picks – Buried Treasures

Open Thread – What’s On the Grill?



A lot of great content this month! As always, a huge thank you to the returning talents of Poppity, Sailor Monsoon, Vincent Kane, William Dhalgren, M. Karlston, Mister Splendiferous, BB Ben, 1 2 3 4, and Linda Owino. You are all one step closer to that cappuccino machine.

Until next month.

(Oh, and below is a teaser of something that might become a recurring feature at the end of these Overview’s starting September.)



JULY, 31 2018 – 0900 HOURS

The phone rang only once before it was answered.

“Want to go see the new remake of that beloved classic?” The operator asked.

The response was instant: “That’s going to be a no from me dawg.”

“I’ll page you through.”

The operator pressed a button and the call was transferred. Inside the office of the Director of Basic Movie Infiltration, a room meticulously draped in a velvet, the phone rang. The director swiveled around in his chair and pressed a button. A voice immediately scrambled out of the speaker.

“Director, we have a problem.”

The director’s eyebrows raised in alarm. “What’s going on down there, Monsoon?”

“I’m afraid… there’s been a mutiny.”

To be continued in August’s Overview.

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