FilmExodus Ranks the Films of Pixar

In a couple of days, Incredibles 2, the long awaited sequel to the hit 2004 film The Incredibles, opens in theaters. In anticipation, the FilmExodus Community decided to go through the Pixar filmography and rank the previous nineteen films by the studio. In case you missed it, in 2017 we ranked the Spider-Man and Star Wars films, and kicked off 2018 with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In an instance where a film did not appear on a contributer’s list, a multiplier was applied to give each film a fair point total (not that it mattered in one series’ case).

Which film ended up where and why? Let’s find out, shall we?

19. Cars 2 (2011) 10 points

  • Forgettable, but Michael Caine was fun. – Sailor Monsoon
  • Talk about a sequel that nobody asked for. The Cars series works better with a racing story and not a tacked on James Bond spy plot. – J-Mart
  • I saw this in theaters. Not my proudest moment. Pixar, next time just make an original animated spy film and not merge it with one of your least liked franchises. And especially do not have a character as annoying as Mater be the lead. – M. Karlston

18. Cars 3 (2017) 21 points

  • Mediocre. – Sailor Monsoon
  • It is the best out of all the Cars films, but that is not saying much. We all wanted to know whether Lightning McQueen survived that horrific crash (in the first trailer) or was destroyed. I was hoping for the latter, so that the film would be quick and cut to the credits. Instead, we got Pixar’s version of Talladega Nights mixed with Rocky, and it was not too bad.  – J-Mart

17. The Good Dinosaur (2015) 23 points

  • Derivative and uninspired. – Sailor Monsoon
  • My “did I watch the same movie as everyone else?” I remember the backlash for this, with many calling it as bad as the Cars movies, but I enjoyed it. I even got teary-eyed at the end. – Ben
  • Not as bad as everyone made it out to be, but ultimately I have forgotten it – King Alvarez
  • Disney/Pixar’s version of The Land Before Time that was not even a good ripoff. I will admit the animation and scenery is pretty, but the cartoon dinosaur Spot had an annoying, ear grating voice. The film was riddled with a cliche story with a cliche message with even more cliches thrown on top. Also, there is a scene where Spot and Arlo get “high on drugs”. I wish I was joking but I am not. What a shame. – J-Mart
  • I remember when this was announced I thought, “So 2015 but with dinosaurs. That will be cool!” Unfortunately, the finished project was pretty far from that, and, although the animation is damn near realistic, Pixar could not make me care one bit for Spot and his predicament. – M. Karlston

16. Cars (2006) 40 points

  • Doc Hollywood with more cars but less wit. – Sailor Monsoon
  • Yeah. – dnwilliams
  • Not very memorable to me outside of Larry the Cable Guy as Mater, which isn’t saying much. – Vincent Kane
  • A nice little chunk of Americana. – Cap N Jack
  • ‘nuff said. – Ben
  • Shrug. Whatever, let Pixar have some of that sweet toy-money, I suppose they deserve it. Despite it all, it is still a well-made movie with some fun and engaging bits. – Galaxion
  • I dislike this franchise – King Alvarez
  • *sigh* You know your movie is bad when all people can remember from it is a country song. – J-Mart

15. Brave (2012) 43 points

  • A mess. – Sailor Monsoon
  • While Finding Nemo feels the closest to a classic Disney movie, Brave feels the closest to a modern one. I much, much, much prefer it to the likes of Tangled and Frozen, but it is unquestionably cut from the same cloth. What made me truly appreciate this film was The Pixar Theory, which I consider to be a fun thought experiment. – dnwilliams
  • Hugely forgettable slapstick fantasy story. – Cap N Jack
  • Oof. Brave starts so promising, with one of the most gorgeous settings in an animated film… and then turns into some awkward plot about a bear-mom. – Ben
  • Really underrated in my opinion. If you want to talk about “non-traditional” Disney princesses this one did it before Frozen, and it did it much better. – Galaxion
  • Pixar made a brave move in making a Disney Princess film. I wonder who came up with this brave decision? All Brave jokes aside this movie is very under the radar and is kind of good. – J-Mart

14. A Bug’s Life (1998) 55 points

  • A fun Seven Samurai inspired yarn. – Sailor Monsoon
  • I feel like I underrate this film as it was so early in Pixar’s presence. I think I was more excited about Antz as a kid, and I do not know why. Maybe it was the ‘z’. – dnwilliams
  • Oft-forgotten or undervalued, this sees Pixar at its darkest, telling a rendition of Seven Samurai with bugs. – Cap N Jack
  • Surely most people put this at the bottom of their list? For all I know A Bug’s Life is much better than I remember, but I think it was forever cursed as being “not as good as Toy Story.” I sure as hell know it is better than Antz though. – Ben
  • It has a lot of fun with the whole insect world premise, and is full of amusing quirky characters. However, I would recommend you check out the overshadowed Antz as it is completely bonkers. It stars Woody Allen, is an examination of communism and capitalism ideologies, and has probably the most “gore” I ever saw in a movie that supposedly is for kids. – Galaxion

13. Monsters University (2013) 58 points

  • Good hearted, but unremarkable. – Sailor Monsoon
  • Doesn’t capture the effectiveness of the original, but was entertaining enough to keep me watching. I remember reading that it was “an animated Revenge of the Nerds.” Seems fitting. – Vincent Kane
  • Slight but poignant look at themes of growing up and making peace with your limitations. – Cap N Jack
  • Instead of Pixar giving us a sequel to Monster’s, Inc or an origin story to the adorable Boo, we get a movie about Mike and Sully going to college for no reason. At least it’s better than Cars 2. – J-Mart
  • I saw this with a huge group of friends in theaters. I must have laughed at that “I found a nickle” joke for a solid five minutes. It still holds up. – M. Karlston

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