FilmExodus Ranks the ‘Friday the 13th’ Films

Happy Halloween!

To mark this beloved holiday, the FilmExodus Community decided to go through the Friday the 13th filmography and rank all twelve installments. In case you missed it, so far in 2018 we have ranked the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the films of Pixar. Further previous installments include Spider-Man and Star Wars.

In an instance where a film did not appear on a contributer’s list, a multiplier was applied to give each film a fair point total. Also, you can click the film’s title to take you to its review.

Which film ended up where and why? Let’s find out, shall we?

12. Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan (1989) — 18 points

  • So much potential here and was just wasted. This was Jason takes a boat and one shot of Jason in Times Square. As great as that shot is, we deserved more from Jason in the Big Apple. Terrorizing Times Square could have been epic. This does have one of my favorite kills when Jason punched a boxer’s head clean off his shoulders with one swing. – Vincent Kane
  • Jason gets on a boat, kills a bunch of teenagers, follows the survivors to New York and then gets turned into a little kid by toxic waste. I’m not kidding. Along the way he doesn’t kill any people on a subway train despite them being, like, RIGHT THERE. He does punch a guy’s head off, which was entertaining for a second or two. Even the dog lives. And taking Manhattan? More like strolls through it for 30 seconds. So much hate. – Bob Cram Jr.
  • Absolutely nothing about this movie works. It’s so bad, it doesn’t even work as a parody. – Sailor Monsoon
  • Severely underrated. At least this movie gave us something fresh instead of another Camp Crystal Lake rehash. – Marmaduke Karlston

10. Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (1985) — 22 points

  • Ah, Part 5. Much like Part 3 has dipped for me, I have grown more and more fond of New Beginning. I consider this one the grindhouse Friday. Continues Tommy’s story, annoying people dying in fun ways, one of the best racks of the franchise embraced its cheesiness and I have grown to enjoy the story, as weak as it is. – Vincent Kane
  • I dislike this movie a lot and as a Friday the 13th movie it’s seriously lacking in… anything that makes it feel like a Friday the 13th movie, beyond teenagers getting killed. If it was another in a long line of imitators instead of a part of the franchise it might have been better received. Maybe. I still hate Part 3 more, though. This is at least TRYING. And they do kill a lot more people. – Bob Cram Jr.
  • It gets points for trying to do something original and double points for bringing back Tommy Jarvis but it just isn’t memorable. – Sailor Monsoon
  • You all seriously hate it when Friday the 13th steps out of the box. This is the best version of Tommy Jarvis there is and I would have liked to have seen where this version would have went. – Marmaduke Karlston

10. Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993) — 22 points

  • Besides one of the best-looking Jason’s of the franchise and one of the best characters in Creighton Duke, there is little to be desired from this entry. People want Jason and people didn’t get Jason except for the beginning and the end of the film. Highly disappointed in this one. Watched it twice will most likely never dust it off again. – Vincent Kane
  • Two things keep this film from being in the bottom two: a) some pretty spectacular gore (that road sign dissection is pretty nasty) and 2) Duke. If it wasn’t a Friday the 13th movie I could easily get behind the completely gonzo storyline, but it tries to mash The Hidden with Halloween and those two great tastes add up to WTF. Pro tip: never make Jason a slug. – Bob Cram Jr.
  • Not great but it’s opening is one of the best moments in the entire series. – Sailor Monsoon

9. Freddy vs. Jason (2003) — 39 points

  • There are parts I like (the actual Freddy versus Jason fights, Freddy, cornfield scene) and things I didn’t like (everything and everyone else). I was disappointed that they decided to go with someone different to play Jason besides Kane Hodder. I did not want a sympathetic character in Jason nor should he be. This should have been so much better. – Vincent Kane
  • I’ve only seen it once, but my general impression was that it was WAY better than it had any right to be. Both characters done well, with enough gore and fun set pieces to keep you interested. – Bob Cram Jr.
  • No Kane Hodder. No Dice. – Sailor Monsoon

8. Jason X (2002) — 41 points

  • I know, I know Jason in space gets dumped on a lot, but it is one of the most fun entries to the franchise. At this point what could be done with Jason? Jason taking on space marines is just fantastic. One of the best kills in the whole franchise with the cryo face smash. One of the most hilarious scenes with the 1980’s Crystal Lake virtual reality simulation. And let’s not forget fucking Uber Jason!!! Simply fun and enjoyable. – Vincent Kane
  • Jason X is another Friday the 13th movie that divides fans. Really a placeholder to keep the franchise alive while Freddy vs Jason was still in development hell, it manages to inject some new life into the franchise by throwing everything into the future. Yeah, it’s cheesy as hell, makes fun of the whole concept of slasher films (“It’s okay guys, he just wants his machette!”) and has the second stupidest mask (after the burlap sack of Part 2), but it has some decent death scenes, a decent pace, and manages to be pretty fun. – Bob Cram Jr.
  • It’s dumber than a box of hammers, but it knows exactly what it is and has two of the best kills in the entire franchise. – Sailor Monsoon

7. Friday the 13th (2009) — 44 points

  • I really enjoyed the remake and was one of the most fun theater experiences I have ever had. The first twenty minutes was a thrill ride alone. Derek Mears was an intimidating Jason with the sack and the mask. Were there things I didn’t like? Yes, but it doesn’t take away from how much fun this movie is. – Vincent Kane
  • I saw this in the theater with my brother Scott who is a huge Jason fan. His response after it was over? Meh. That’s mine, too, unfortunately. Aaron Yoo as Chewie was entertaining and the effects were good, but it was just… okay. Nothing special. – Bob Cram Jr.
  • The only reason this film isn’t higher, is it’s lack of interesting kills. – Sailor Monsoon

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