FilmExodus Roasts… ‘Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone’ (2007)

The word roast can be defined as to criticize or reprimand severely. We take a more lighthearted approach towards some critical or box office failures; because movies and fun should still go hand-in-hand even when roasting the flick. This is FilmExodus Roasts.

This Week’s Roast: Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone (2007); begins at 8PM EST (Saturday) and 3PM EST (Sunday). Runtime is 98 minutes.


The Rules of the Roast

  • No death threats to anyone involved in the film.
  • No positive comments about the movie; only negative ones.
  • Jokes/puns are acceptable as long as they are funny.
  • We will only count upvotes when the movie starts. Not during the pre-chat.
  • Five minutes after the movie’s conclusion, upvotes on further comments will not be counted.
  • If you are late to the roast, please jump into the movie at the same timestamp as everyone else participating is at. If you wish to start the movie from the beginning, your upvoted comments will only count up to five minutes after the movie’s conclusion if it had started at the slotted start time.
  • No upvoting your own comment! You need to be a fair roaster and not cheat! But don’t not upvote just for the sake of trying to keep upvotes low. If you thinking someone had a good comment, upvote the fella!
  • NEW RULE: The Top 5 commenters of the roast (based on upvote tallies) each chose a film for next week’s roast. Whichever comment has the most upvotes within 24 hours after is the chosen movie for the next roast. Exception: A first time Roast winner automatically gets to pick the next film overriding above rule.
  • NEW RULE: A commenter/roaster can only get his/her movie picked once a month. If he/she is in the Top 5, it will default to allow the sixth/seventh roaster to let them submit a movie, opening up the playing field to let more rookie roasters get a chance to submit future roast movies.
  • Whoever has the most upvotes takes home ‘Crown Roaster’!
  • Have fun! We are roasting a film, don’t get into it too much.


How Do You Watch This Film

  • DVD or Blu-ray
  • Netflix, HBO Go, iTunes, Amazon, or another streaming service
  • However you can muster it.

At 8PM/3PM, hit play and start commenting!


The Roast Upvotes: A Running Total of Our Roasters’ Tallies

1. Brian Black – 859 (over 8 roasts; 6 wins, 1 Roast Turkey, 1 Roast Chicken)
2. Sailor Monsoon – 789 (over 11 roasts; 2 wins; 10ψ)
3. Joshua Martyniouk – 783 (over 11 roasts; 10ψ)
4. Duke – 536 (over 9 roasts)
5. Elizabeth – 465 (over 6 roasts; 1 win)
6. Raiden – 463 (over 5 roasts; 1 win)
7. Nominal Name – 305 (over 3 roasts)
8. TheGreenMalice – 178 (over 7 roasts)
9. Poppity – 172 (over 2 roasts)
10. Kemosabe – 144 (over 7 roasts)

11. Bored Troll – 111 (over 4 roasts)
12. SomewhereSomehowSometime – 109 (over 5 roasts)
13. Joe Newman – 102 (over 5 roasts)
14. oreodogvomit – 86 (over 4 roasts)
15. Darth Homer – 72 (over 2 roasts)
16. A Canadian Perspective – 61 (over 3 roasts)
17. Another Green Day – 53 (over 1 roast)
18. The Dead Fellow – 49 (over 2 roasts)
19. mims – 43 (over 2 roasts)
20. Y. Whateley – 41 (over 1 roast)
21. Resonance Cascade – 38 (over 1 roast)
22. J-A-N☆*bullet & sally lullaby* – 39 (over 3 roasts)
23. DBMI – 37 (over 4 roasts)
24. Mister Splendiferous – 36 (over 3 roasts)
25. The Gypsy That I Was – 28 (over 1 roast)
26. David Curry – 27 (over 2 roasts)
27. Jack Slater IV – 24 (over 1 roast)
28. Michael and the Argonauts – 21 (over 1 roast)
29. MacKrable – 20 (over 1 roast)
30. Sci Fi Fan – 13 (over 3 roasts)
31. Roc Kit – 12 (over 2 roasts)
32. Alex G253 – 6 (over 1 roast)
33. PQG 1991 – 4 (over 1 roast)
34. BB Ben – 3 (over 1 roast)
34. mackeral – 3 (over 1 roast)
36. Nipple Effect – 2 (over 1 roast)
37. To Be Continued – 1 (over 1 roast)
37. 1 2 3 4 – 1 (over 1 roast)
37. Jooshua – 1 (over 1 roast)


A word from Roastmaster J-Mart: I have always loved anime as a kid back when 4Kids was a big dubbing company with some good dubs like Pokemon and Yu Gi Oh and then came Sonic X, oh and One Piece was just no! Then they did the worst thing possible. They messed up Dragon Ball Z Kai. So glad 4Kids is dead now. Then Adult Swim and Cartoon Network became my anime craze! I remember watching Bobobo which is still funny. Naruto which was awesome! Yu Yu Hakashu which was badass. Inuyasha which I loved for one reason… The sit commands. Then came Death Note (My Favorite anime right now) and I loved that anime until Netflix ruined it. Then started watching Cowboy Bebop which I loved. Then Sailor Moon which is also a classic. Black Butler, The better version of one piece. Now I watch DB Super, Tokyo Ghoul, Assassination Classroom, Food Wars, Danganrompa, Yuri On Ice, Free Your Lie In April, Hunter X Hunter, One punch Man, anything Jojo related, and Attack On Titan, Blue Exorcist and Space Dandy and Bleach. As for Anime movies I saw Akira (The best one) GITS which is just awesome! Every single Miyazaki movie! All the Naruto and Inuyasha and Dragon Ball movies. I have watched all of Neon Genesis Envangelion so I wonder if the movies will do the anie justice and make Shinji way less annoying! Big Robots fighting aliens im in. This is are first anime movie roast and it will be so good! See ya soon!

Next Next week’s winner and Next Next Weeks movie TBA soon!