‘Final Score’ Official Trailer: See What Drax Does When He Goes to a Soccer Game

It looks like Dave Bautista is trying his hand at becoming a modern day bonafide action star. The first trailer for Final Score is here and it sort of looks like Die Hard at a soccer game, only dumber. But hey, Pierce Brosnan is in it rocking one hell of a beard so that has to count for something. Check out the trailer below.

Synopsis: A group of heavily armed criminals take control of a stadium packed with 35,000 football fans. Ex-soldier Michael Knox (Dave Bautista, AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, BLADE RUNNER 2049, SPECTRE) is forced to use skills from his military background and everything at his disposal to save the spectators, including the life of a fallen comrade’s daughter.

Final Score hits theaters September 7, 2018.