‘Firefly’ Set to Return With a Series of Novels

Firefly fans rejoice! Titan Books, in partnership with Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products, have announced that they will be publishing works set in the Firefly universe. Additionally, alongside the books being canon, Joss Whedon has signed on as a consultant!

The first three books and authors have been announced. Here’s what we can expect:

  • Nancy Holder’s Firefly: Big Damn Hero (October 2018) –  Captain Malcolm Reynolds finds himself in a dangerous situation after being kidnapped by a bunch of embittered veteran Browncoats.
  • James Lovegrove’s Firefly: The Magnificent Nine (March 2019) – Jayne receives a distress call from his ex Temperance McCloud that leads the Serenity crew to danger on a desert moon.
  • Tim Lebbon’s Firefly: Generations (October 2019) – The discovery of the location of one of the legendary Ark ships that brought humans from Earth-that-was to the ’Verse promises staggering salvage potential, but at what cost? River Tam thinks she might know…

While it’s wishful thinking at this stage there is always the possibility that if the novels are successful that could revitalize talks of continuing the original series.

Will you be picking up any of these? Big Damn Hero seems the most up my alley.

  • ResonanceCascade

    Huh. I wonder what the market will be like now. Seems like they’re about 10 years late with these, but it’s cool that the franchise isn’t totally dead.

  • Joe Newman

    Which could lead to a revival! Those dreams feel so hopeless now though…

  • I’m a little surprised Netflix hasn’t jumped on Dredd. They’re greenlighting everything.

  • Kemosabe 🦇

    That’s lame. Speaking of Dredd, Dredd is awesome. I had wished so much for there to be a sequel. Watching Altered Carbon actually made me think how a Dredd show could actually be done justice on a platform like Netflix.

  • The headline was something like ‘Dredd 2’ Coming This Fall
    …as a comic book

  • Kemosabe 🦇

    I was late to the party on that one wondering why everyone was mad.

  • #Dredd2 #NeverForget

  • Nokoo

    I’m down. Would need to see if any of these authors scripted any of the episodes.

  • William Dhalgren

    I watched this series when it aired. At the time, I wasn’t the type to sit still at appointed times to watch TV, but my butt was in the seat for this every, I think, Friday evening. Was sad when it was cancelled. Didn’t care that much for the film. I think it’s cool that loyal fans are getting more of this universe, but I’ve moved on. These characters are out there somewhere, probably some of them have moved on, too, so I’m content to remember them the way they were. Out there in the stars, making trouble, together, and laughing about it all.

  • We ain’t about that clickbait lifestyle.

    I can see a whole Firefly Expanded Universe cropping up. Who knows, in 30 years it could be as comprehensive as the old Star Wars universe.

  • Kemosabe 🦇

    You know, if this was some other site the title might read “Firefly set to return” with the first sentence of the article after clicking over reading “with a series of novels.” Just a thought.

    I won’t read these but I’m glad the Firefly universe is still alive in some form. Firefly seems like the great white whale of shows to get revived. I’m not sure it should at this point. It’s been so long. Oh who am I kidding, I would binge the hell out of that.