First Trailer For ‘High-Life’: Robert Pattinson In Spaaaaaaaaaace

Also starring Juliette Binoche and Andre “3000” Benjamin.

Robert Pattinson continues his bold new direction in his career with Claire Denis’ High Life, an erotic Sci-Fi thriller that has been making waves since its premiere at TIFF about a month ago. The film, which is about a space ship loaded with criminals on an assignment to retrieve alternate energy in space while Pattison’s Monte is trying to take care of his daughter amidst all this, has so far received critical acclaim for its strangeness, direction and performances. While the film has no release date in the US currently, A24 will be releasing the film sometime in the future and in order to wet the appetite, French distributor Wild Bunch Distribution has released a trailer and it certainly looks like something interesting.

I’m game for all of this, from the unqiue aspect ratio to the subject matter to the cast to the fact Binoche’s character repeatedly subjects herself to something called a “sexbox” on the film. Fingers crossed we hear a date soon.