Guillermo Del Toro wins the Golden Lion at Venice for ‘The Shape of Water’

Next up: Maybe Oscars?

The early reactions for Guillermo Del Toro’s newest film The Shape of Water have been nothing short of positive, praising the film for its romance, visual style, voiceless performances of its two leads and more. Hailed as the director’s best film since Pan’s Labyrinth (which is pretty big words in my book), the film was greeted with thunderous applause at its screening at the 2017 Venice International Film Festival, with jury member John Landis personally congratulating Del Toro on the film after the screening concluded while also trying to hold back tears. And to add to that, Del Toro became the winner of the festival, accepting top honors in front of a very large crowd.

Look at how happy he is!

Speaking about the film, Del Toro said the film is “an antidote to now” and while accepting the award (which he nicknamed “Sergio Leone”), he said “If you remain pure and stay with your faith, whatever you have faith in — in my case, it’s monsters — eventually things go right.” Del Toro counts as the first Mexican to win the award and unsurprisingly, he dedicated his win to young Latino and Mexican filmmakers in the fantasy genre who are working to push its boundaries.

With the amount of praise the film has been getting and the award it just won, I think its safe to say The Shape of Water‘s Oscar chances are locked in and then some. Here’s hoping it also translates into Box Office success, unlike a lot of Del Tor’s other films unfortunately. The film is going to make additional showings at Toronto and other festivals before making its official premiere on December 8th.