Happy Birthday Andy Serkis

People are born everyday. And, naturally, people who grow up to work in the entertainment industry are born everyday. Thus, everyday in this column I write a little something about such a figure on their birthday, highlight a work of theirs and ask you to do the same. This is Happy Birthday.

Eeenie, meenie, miny, moe, today is Andy Serkis‘ turn to go. The British actor turns 53 today. Happy birthday to him and on this occasion, what’s your favorite film or TV production starring Andy Serkis?

For a reminder of Andy Serkis’ 95 screen credits, click here.

Serkis is so synonymous with performance capture (the advanced digital acting technique that evolved from regular motion capture and which he pioneered by playing Gollum) that people often forget that he’s also been (and continues to be) very often on screen “in the flesh”. Famously, he’s danced to Thriller alongside Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo, been an assistant to David Bowie’s Nikola Tesla and established himself as the MCU’s resident one-armed villain, all well after being done with his star-making turn as a ring-adoring cave dweller.

Now his digital acting work is stellar no doubt, but rather than picking the widely-successful Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, I’ll go instead with the criminally underseen and hilarious loosely fact-based Burke and Hare, the last film to date from the great John Landis. The Blu-ray’s only £2.85 on Amazon UK folks, get it while it’s hot you won’t regret it (Region B locked tho…).

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